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We are able to make Republican Senators pay NOW with their Supreme Courtroom approval for ramming


All of their current occupants of these seats willingly bowed to Trump to cast votes for Barrett's corrupt uprising – and we can all turn them around in two years:

Alaska:: Lisa Murkowski
Florida:: Marco Rubio
Iowa:: Chuck Grassley
North Carolina:: Richard Burr (retired)
Pennsylvania:: Pat Toomey (retired)
Wisconsin:: Ron Johnson

We are soliciting donations to ActBlue's nomination funds, which have received a massive influx of support following Brett Kavanaugh's abusive confirmation in 2018. Well, a lot of those GOP senators we announced two years ago – like Susan Collins, Joni Ernst, and even Lindsey Graham – are on the verge of defeat in November. We need to get her brothers who won't be voting next month to pay a price.

The 2022 elections seem a long way off, but you can now donate to these Candidate Funds, which will keep all of the money they collect in an escrow account until after each state's Democratic primary, and then give it to the Democratic candidate for forward the general election.

Are you angry now? Then you can do something now.

Punish the Republicans who just tried Amy Barrett for life before the Supreme Court: Donate now $ 1 to each of these Democratic Candidate Funds aimed at jeopardized Republican Senate seats.

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