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In April, Kushner boasted that Trump would "take the nation again from the medical doctors."


From the tape: "There were three phases. There is the panic phase, the pain phase and then the comeback phase. I believe that last night symbolized the beginning of the comeback phase. That doesn't mean there aren't many Pain and there won't be pain for a while, but that was basically, we now have rules in place to get back to work. Trump is responsible again now. It's not the doctors. They kind of have, we have like a negotiated solution. "

Indeed, this could be the closest possible explanation for why there are now nearly a quarter of a million Americans dead, a number that may even double in the coming months. Jared also appeared to be bragging to Woodward that Trump "owned" the opening while placing responsibility for testing and other actions on the states. "The opening will be very popular. People want this country to open."

On the other hand, "If it opens up incorrectly, the question will be whether or not the governors followed the guidelines we set out."

What is most expressed in the Blowhard Jr. audio clips is the complete trust of the expanded Trump clan that they are the smartest people in the known universe. In their eyes, it goes without saying that Daddy knows better than any government pandemic expert, just as Daddy knows better than foreign policy experts, economists, and everyone else. The way to sort it all out is to fire these other people and let the superior Trump clan make decisions for them.

"The most dangerous people around the President are over-conscious idiots," he said … willingly. But now Daddy has replaced these people with "more thoughtful people who kind of know their place".


We know from Donald Trump's repeated phrases that Donald Trump thinks Kushner is the smartest non-Trump person he knows. This can be true; Finally, the runners-up in the Trump Genius Hierarchy are Uday, Qusay, Jeffrey Epstein and a McDonalds Filet-O-Fish sandwich at room temperature. With Uday and Qusay on duty polishing Mar-a-Lago's membership roster, Epstein is dead, and Trump has hired the Filet-O-Fish to run his endless tax audit through federal systems that only leave Jared.

And Jared boasted in the days before Trump's "reopening" requests caused the pandemic to spiral out of control in almost every state in the country, that things would be fine now because Trump drove the irritating factual experts away. Trump is responsible, "not the doctors."

Yes. Yeah, that sounds exactly like how it happened. For once, the White House doesn't lie.


Jared Kushner sucks and always fails, but he sure is the smartest person in the room

"There is the panic phase, the pain phase and then the comeback phase … Trump is now responsible again. It's not the doctors … We have like a negotiated solution" -Kusner


– "RiotWomenn" (@riotwomennn), October 28, 2020

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