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Tuesday Night time Owls: GOTV, take a deep breath and take a look at to not grind your molars this ultimate week of voting


I believe Trump and his inner circle want COVID to be as bad as possible now in order to dampen voter turnout next week and further harm the country if Biden should take the reins this year. No other explanation matches the evidence. I believe this whole nightmare is a falling dagger of fascism that needs to be turned aside before landing a fatal blow.

It comes to that: I wish everyone involved nothing but health and a long life, but if Pence and the plane are full of it Fox News Notable people have been infected because of Trump's willful negligence. We can all testify next week that the President of the United States metaphorically dragged the sick or dead bodies of his Vice President and the most loyal media supporters across the finish line shouting, "They're fine, all is well, around the corner!"

Here we are and this will be the longest (seven) days of our lives. Strong hearts.

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"The true nature of a democracy is its ability to say yes when even the powerful say no."
Colum McCann, Translantic (2014)



Captain's report, day 1,376

The President of the United States speaks at an election rally about the possibility of his opponent being murdered three weeks after his presidency.

– Matt Ortega (@MattOrtega) October 27, 2020


At Daily Kos that day in 2016—The pro-Trump group planned to monitor the polls by pulling on fake IDs and videotaping voters:

Donald Trump has repeatedly asked his supporters to "monitor" polling stations in suspiciously non-Trump districts (meaning places where non-white people live), and Trump ally Roger Stone is happy to assist in some characteristically nasty endeavors. One is called "Vote Protectors" and plans to "protect" the vote by 1) issuing fake IDs, 2) videotaping voters during the elections to ensure everything is up to date, and 3 .) Voters are interviewed to create their own Trump-friendly "exit polls". After the Huffington Post got wind of these efforts, The group withdraws to two of the three.

Stone's group created an official-looking ID card for their volunteers to wear, and their volunteers planned to videotape voters and conduct fake "exit polls". According to election experts, there is a risk that voters will be intimidated and confused. At least that is what the group intended to do before the Huffington Post Stone asked about it Tuesday.

So you could print out an "ID card" with any name you wanted and receive detailed instructions on how to upload videos of the voters you met. These two plans were removed from the website after Stone was asked about them: Stone cited both "bad ideas" which he claimed he knew nothing about.

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