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Ossoff's persistent debating efficiency within the Georgia Senate goes viral for good purpose


“You said COVID-19 is no more deadly than the flu. You said that in some cases there would be no significant increase, ”Ossoff continued. “Throughout this time, you have been reviewing your own assets and portfolio and voting four times to end protection on pre-existing conditions. Four times. And the legislation you are announcing – the Protect Act – contains loopholes that specifically allow insurance companies to deny policies to Georgians with pre-existing conditions. Can you look at the camera and tell the people of this state why you voted four times for insurance companies to deny us health coverage because we may have diabetes, heart disease, asthma, or cancer in remission? Why, Senator? "

This clip (shown below) went viral, got over 6 million views and is counting. But there was another important moment when Ossoff made it to Perdue too.

"You have further humiliated yourself with your behavior during this campaign," said Ossoff, turning to Perdue. "First you elongated my nose in attack ads to remind everyone that I was Jewish. Then when that didn't work, you called me some kind of Islamic terrorist. And when that didn't work, you called me a Chinese communist "It's ridiculous and you shouldn't do everything your handlers in Washington tell you because you're going to lose your soul along the way, Senator. What the people of Georgia deserve is a serious discussion about economic relief on families in Georgia and above." how we will protect coverage for pre-existing conditions. "

That will leave its mark – and check Perdue's face in those two moments.

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