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Tucker Carlson humiliates himself by claiming his secret hunter, Biden Docs, was stolen within the mail


Tucker Carlson promised his audience a super-secret, authentically damned Hunter Biden document, but now claims it was stolen in the mail.


Damn Hunter Biden documents suddenly disappear

– Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) October 29, 2020

Carlson said, “We texted a producer in New York and him to get these documents to us in LA, and he did. So he sent these documents to LA on Monday afternoon of this week with a major national airline, a branded company. We've used them countless times without ever having a single problem, but the Biden documents never made it to Los Angeles. Tuesday morning we received a message from the shipping company that our package had been opened and the contents were missing. The documents were gone. "

Next time Tucker should just have Rudy email the Russian disinformation. It will be a lot faster.

There are several holes in Tucker's great history. If these documents are so explosive, why didn't anyone make a copy before they were sent? This is 2020, but Carlson wants the world to believe that there are no digital copies of these documents.

Carlson's story is most likely a lie.

Either these documents never existed or they were Russian forgeries. Since Tucker Carlson doesn't want to be sued, it's better to connect your audience to a conspiracy theory than to work with fake Hunter Biden documents.

Carlson's story has been humbling, but it's just a taste of what's to come from Fox News when Joe Biden is elected the nation's next president.

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