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Democrats may kick Michael Moore out of their social gathering after saying so about Biden


These upcoming elections are all about President Trump.

Staunch Democrat supporter Michael Moore sounded the alarm again a few days before election day 2020.

This time he is telling his supporters and members who vote for Joe Biden that the so-called comfortable leadership against President Trump is likely incorrect.

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Moore appeared on The Hill TV's "Rising," describing the horror of Biden being seven points ahead of Trump in his home state, Michigan.

Moore cited another poll that Biden had "16 points" ahead of the president.

Moore lamented, "Trump has tightened virtually every one of these swing states to the point where – what are you saying this morning?"

"Biden's five point lead in Wisconsin … maybe three point lead in Florida, two point lead in Arizona" … Look, don't believe these polls, "added Moore.

"The Trump vote is always under counted," he said. "Pollsters – when they actually call the Trump voter, the Trump voter is very suspicious of the Deep State calling them and asking who they are voting."

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For months it has been evident that Americans are either for and supportive of Trump or hate Trump. This election is all about support or hate, and Biden's candidacy is insignificant in this race.

The Americans who vote for Biden are not doing so because they think Biden is a qualified candidate.

They believe that Biden has a good, solid record in politics, or that Biden has the stamina to run this country for the next eight years.

No Biden voter believes in it. Biden voters do this solely because of their hatred of Donald Trump.

I can't see the hatred of the past, it blinds her

Many Democrats cannot put their hatred of Trump behind them. It irritates them like red cops.

Many people were jealous of death when they saw that so many were doing well under the Trump economy. Remember, those at the very bottom didn't benefit from the tax cut and didn't triple their non-existent 401,000.

It all motivates that this guy is hatred of success.

It's weird to see the survey data presented. Query data mean nothing.

It doesn't reflect the sentiment of voters as the polls are conducted by corrupt sample Democrats who favor the Democratic candidate. The Pollster narrative is no different from the mainstream media narrative.

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It's not that we think it's false news. We know pollsters miscalculate the raw data offset.

They always overestimate Democratic voter numbers, underestimate Republican voters, and have a poor understanding of where independents vote. Then it is true that many Trump voters fear supporting him.

Heck, people get fired from their jobs just for expressing positive support for Trump. They rightly fear democratic socialist political violence and vandalism.

The pollster's tendency determines the polls

The demographic and political affiliation of the people surveyed is usually systematically determined in order to achieve the desired result for whoever pays them.

If you're dealing with suspicious voters who don't want to assign personal positions to a stranger on the phone, you're guaranteed to have an inaccurate poll.

It's just so stupid. Do people really think Trump will cut 10 points to 5 points or less within a week? Based on what?

The one that pretty much everyone seems to agree on is that there is virtually no undecided in this choice.

So unless you tell me that these polls have a large percentage of undecided people and that everyone is voted Trump now, we can all conclude that these polls are nonsense.

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I mean seriously, ABC just posted a poll of Biden in WI by 17 points. If that were half true, it wouldn't be a swing state and Trump wouldn't advertise there every other day.

This year, 2020, has brought a lot of things, but it looks like it will end the poll. As in 2016, these fake polls are designed for a purpose to get conservatives to lose hope so they don't vote.

That will not happen. The opposite is the case. People are more motivated than ever.

Moore is probably one of my least favorite people in the world, but he had one point in 2016 and he's doing another today.


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