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The Idaho Lieutenant Governor criticizes the video's restrictions on the coronavirus for the libertarian group


Idaho Lieutenant Janice McGeachin (R) criticizes in a video for the Idaho Freedom Foundation, a libertarian organization that Idaho's leadership violates individual freedoms in order to fight a pandemic that "may or may not occur," the restrictions of the coronavirus.

"We recognize that we are all inherently free and equal and have certain inalienable rights," McGeachin says in the video. She can be seen picking up a gun, putting it on a Bible and smiling. "This includes enjoying and defending life and freedom, acquiring, owning and protecting property, as well as striving for happiness and ensuring security."

You can see the video below.

Large gatherings are promoting the spread of the virus in the state, according to officials from Idaho.

"It's really in these social settings – it's sporting events, it's going to church, it's community events, it's in a car with people who aren't in your household," said Dave Jeppesen, director of the Idaho Department of Health & Health Welfare. told the Idaho State Journal. “I think what happens there is that at these events we are more familiar and we forget to follow these simple things. And in the end we sit closer than two meters with no face covering. And here it happens. "

"We can still do these things, but they must be done safely," he added. "And especially when it's familiar, when it's friends and family, it's really easy to let go of your guard.

"My Idahoans, we are in a crisis in our health system in Idaho due to the pandemic," Idaho Governor Brad Little said this week as the number of coronavirus cases continued to surge across the state. "I sincerely hope that some people have passed the point that the pandemic is not real or not a big deal, or that their personal actions are not really affecting anything."

McGeachin condemned the action in a Facebook post.

“I am disappointed that the governor believes that our state needs to place more restrictions on our already difficult businesses and limit the choice of individuals to attend their meetings. Respect for individual freedom and property rights must remain the basis of all political decisions in our state, ”she said.

She went on to claim that "instead of working with stakeholders to implement strategies to expand our treatment capacity, our state is seeking greater control over our businesses and citizens from top to bottom," and railed against "the draconian tactics of liberal municipalities that have only worked make things worse. "

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