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The post-Trump White Home takes form as Elizabeth Warren Biden strikes to grow to be Treasury Secretary


With just a few days left in this election season, a post-Donald Trump White House takes shape as Elizabeth Warren reportedly seeks to become Treasury Secretary in a potential Joe Biden administration.

If Biden wins the upcoming presidential election next Tuesday, the Massachusetts senator plans to stand up for the job, according to recent Politico coverage, quoting multiple Democratic sources.

"She wants it," said two Democratic officials, according to the report.

While Warren may continue to push for a more progressive Senate economic approach, Politico reports that, as Treasury Secretary, she would be better positioned to drive the kind of “big structural change” she campaigned for during the primaries.

The report states: "Warren sees the economic crisis caused by Covid-19 also as an opportunity to change the underlying systemic problems or to focus on the most vulnerable."

One potential hurdle for Warren, however, is that a Republican governor would be tasked with electing her Senate replacement if she joined Biden's cabinet.

A post-Trump White House is being built

At a time when millions of Americans are unemployed due to Donald Trump's incompetent response to the pandemic, Joe Biden has already suggested that huge efforts be made – shutting off the coronavirus, stimulating the economy and protecting health insurance for millions of Americans.

If elected, the former vice president is likely to be quick to pass an aid package to stimulate the economy as coronavirus cases and deaths rise again. If Biden becomes president, he will inherit a mess from a president who is unlikely to cooperate during the transition.

While the Politico report only contains speculation about who might vote Biden to fill a key position in the cabinet, it does offer a glimpse of a post-Trump White House. In a potential Biden administration, the current president's Wall Street economic agenda will be replaced by a Main Street economic agenda – regardless of who ultimately occupies the Democratic’s cabinet.

This is probably music to millions of Americans who are in trouble right now.

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Sean Colarossi currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and was an organizing fellow for both of President Obama's presidential campaigns. He also worked with Planned Parenthood as the Outreach Organizer of the Affordable Care Act in 2014, helping Northeast Ohio residents get health insurance.

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