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Texas is now labeled as a "failure" within the race between President Trump and Joe Biden


A campaign sign for Biden Harris will be displayed outside a polling station for the 2020 presidential election in Houston, Texas, United States, on Tuesday, October 13, 2020.

Callaghan O & # 39; Hare | Bloomberg | Getty Images

""Texas is a state that Biden doesn't need to win, but it is clear that it is more competitive than ever, "wrote Amy Walter of Cook.

The Lone Star State has voted for the Republican candidate in every President's race since 1976. He has 38 votes, the second largest in the nation after California.

Democrats have long had their eye on Texas. Former Democratic presidential candidate Beto O & # 39; Rourke, for example, raised staggering sums of money in his 2018 Senate race against incumbent GOP Senator Ted Cruz. While those efforts ultimately failed, the Democrats managed to flip a house district in the medium term in 2018, and the party is aiming to get more seats in 2020.

Early state election numbers should encourage Democrats: more than 7.8 million people have already voted in the Lone Star State, which is roughly 87% of his 2016 voter turnout, according to the US election project. The data shows that more ballots have been cast in Texas than any other state.

This is partly due to a huge surge in voter registrations since 2016 that democratic activists believe are playing in their favor.

The anti-Trump sentiment in the state's blue and purple pockets could increase the turnout of key populations – like Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and Americans with bachelor's degrees or above – who might be more likely to break for Biden.

The average of the RealClearPolitics polls in the state shows that Trump is a narrow 2.4 points ahead of Biden. This gap has shrunk by a few percentage points in the last few days.

Nationwide, according to the RCP average, Biden is currently 7.1 points ahead of Trump.

Just in time, the Biden campaign announced that Sen. Kamala Harris, the candidate's fellow campaigner, would camp out in Texas on Friday.

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