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Early voting numbers are actually superb


More than 97 million people have already cast ballots in the 2020 elections – an early turnout record that shows that this year's election carries enormous weight among Americans.

In 11 states, the number of votes cast so far in 2020 is at least 90 percent of the total number of votes cast in the entire 2016 election.

Approximately 24 hours before the end of the polls on election day, nearly 98 million votes were cast, about two-thirds of which were postal votes. The rest of the voters showed up at a polling station to vote in person. The number of early votes is just under 71 percent of the nationwide total in 2016.

In some states, early voting numbers are already above 90 percent of the total 2016 voting level, including several major swing states or states with tight Senate races: Montana, Nevada, North Carolina, Florida, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, and Georgia.

In Texas, the early voting is even more successful: The early voting now accounts for more than 108 percent of the total number in 2016. In Hawaii, the proportion is over 110 percent.

It's likely that 2020 voter turnout could be the highest in a century. Some forecasters predict a turnout of up to 65 percent of registered voters who cast a vote. And the reasons are clear to everyone – mainly the current White House resident.

Jen Kirby and Rani Molla from Vox put it this way: “There is a lot of enthusiasm among both Democratic and Republican voters. President Donald Trump is the reason: his supporters are extremely motivated to re-elect their husband and the other side are extremely motivated to vote him out. “Voters who wanted to avoid a polling station may also have voted by absenteeism, although those who went to early polling stations to avoid a crowd during a pandemic may have long lines.

However, these numbers are not a crystal ball. Nobody knows who will win. It is very likely that we won't even know on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning. But it is clear that Americans are highly motivated to make sure their vote is counted.

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