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Sunday's Meet the Press highlighted one of many many causes Republicans lose the Georgia runoff

Republicans have spent the past four years placing Trump's bids, either because they liked what they got from him enough to overlook what they disliked, or because secretly even those of them who pretend sometimes To disapprove of his worst abuses, in her heart are hearts on board with every little thing of Trump's trumpiness.

And now with national security and the pandemic at stake with a change of president, they are still not ready to challenge him. Be it simple fear, be it consistent with his efforts to reverse the election results, be it those two seats in the Georgia Senate, Republicans are unwilling to do the right thing.

That tells you what to expect if you hold the Senate on Jan. 5: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will continue to uphold the core values ​​that Trump brought to the table. McConnell will obstruct and block President Biden and prevent him from doing anything for the nation. Republicans will hurt the public to hurt democratic chances of voting in the future, just as they are right at this moment to hurt the public by not challenging Trump to accept his defeat and begin the transition process. Republicans will do anything to win. But Democrats have to find a way to beat them.

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