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USCIS officers reportedly ordered "no contact" with the Biden staff till the Trump-appointed agent is offered

As Daily Kos's Kerry Eleveld noted earlier this month, the clearance is critical in that it frees up millions of dollars and provides critical access to federal agencies to transition teams working to form new governments. But Murphy, a Trump appointee, has refused to sign the letter despite the fact that it is clear that she privately recognizes that he has lost. This rejection jeopardizes the novel reaction of the coronavirus pandemic not only in one example.

"For USCIS – and the DHS as a whole – the delay could hamper efforts to reverse the myriad immigration policy changes introduced by the Trump administration," Aleaziz said. The outgoing government has implemented hundreds of immigration policies, some of which have been vowed by President-elect Biden to act immediately upon being sworn in, while others will be a lengthy process. While Biden's team has likely already reviewed these guidelines, Murphy single-handedly blocks the critical access that would likely benefit this process for no other reason than to reassure the sore loser who installed it.

The wall of silence in the administration could also be far-reaching in other ways. Ur Jaddou is the name of Biden's transition team, a former USCIS chief attorney who shone a light on the abuses and radicalization of the agency under the accused President Donald Trump. She has rumors now to be a top choice to lead USCIS, a decision that could be well received by immigrant rights advocates if it fails. However, Murphy's refusal also blocks Jaddou from critical access and a head start in trying to restore and improve USCIS.

As Daily Kos mentioned, USCIS has radicalized under the outgoing administration. I mean, just look at who's running it as an actor: Ken Cuccinelli, a racist who once compared immigrants to rodents. I will repeat a lot next time because it has to be repeated: a federal judge actually found that loudmouth against immigrants was illegally built into his job, but he still refused to leave. Instead, he spends a lot of time retweeting notorious right-wing trolls from his official government account while shamelessly advocating for his soon-to-be former boss for the taxpayer dime.

USCIS has also introduced a revised US citizenship test that is intentionally making it difficult for applicants to pass the exam. Of course, I wonder: could Trump pass it? How about elected Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama who doesn't seem to know about basic shit we learn in elementary school? "On the campaign trail, Tuberville ducked into interviews and turned down debates, and now we can all see why, ”said a recent report in the state.

The blockage won't work forever. Murphy and Trump cannot prevent the inevitable. Biden becomes president on January 20th. It is also true that every day that a smooth transfer of power is prevented is another day that is lost – and it is done on purpose. BuzzFeed News reports that the email to USCIS staff states that it "should not be in contact with the Biden team until determined" before adding "if and when" of Bidens' GSA approval Victory is formalized, contact is made. “Just some really damn shameful things here, guys. January can't come any faster.

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