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Threats turn out to be lethal actual as Trump and his allies gasoline a ardour for imaginary election fraud

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who said she and her family and staff had all received violent threats, urged Trump and other GOP officials on Wednesday to stop stoking voters' distrust of the system.

“Your words and actions have consequences. Now I urge other leaders in this state, including the governor, whose deafening silence has contributed to the growing unrest, to stand up for the truth, "Hobbs said in a statement, adding that democracy" has not wavered under my observation ". Arizona has been called out to Biden, who leads Trump with around 10,500 votes in the state.

In Georgia, where Trump lags Biden by around 14,000 votes and a handcount is expected soon, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has also confirmed that both he and his family have faced repeated death threats. Last week Raffensperger's wife received the following texts on her cell phone:

“You'd better not mess up this recount. Your life depends on it. "
"Your husband deserves to face a firing squad."
"The Raffensperger should be brought to justice for high treason and execution."

As the death threats roll in, the vast majority of GOP lawmakers have either tacitly approved of Trump's efforts or amassed them. State Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania continue to officially challenge their state's results through legal challenges and audits.

And in Wayne County, Detroit, two GOP campaigners tried to disenfranchise voters in the densely populated, heavily black city. After initially refusing to confirm the county's results on Tuesday, they relented hours later and gave the results their official imprimatur. By Thursday, however, both advertisers had signed affidavits stating that they would withdraw their votes for confirmation. The certified results are retained and the episode represents one of the clearest instances to have occurred in the event of a possible system failure.

"You could see the racism in last night's behavior," said Mike Duggan, the Democratic Mayor of Detroit, at a news conference Wednesday. "American democracy cracked last night, but it wasn't broken. But we see a real threat to everything we believe in."

Do you remember those initial Republican claims that it was harmless enough to humor Trump's futile crusade? That stupid excuse for the cowardice of the GOP has now been exposed, but the Republican Party continues to revel in the violence Trump inflicts on both real people and our democracy in general.

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