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Watch Fauci get brutally trustworthy concerning the COVID-19 vaccine and potential herd immunity within the US

First of all, Fauci stressed that if he is in a group recommending taking the vaccine, then he must plan to do so. He also has no problem recommending that his family take it. Fauci suggested that vaccines will be available "relatively soon" and encouraged the American public to "stay there".

And on herd immunity, Fauci explained the (basic) process of obtaining emergency approval for a vaccine, saying that once it is tested and found safe and effective, it should allay the skepticism and concern of many Americans.

"When the American public hears this," he told Face the Nation, "you should be sure that it is. And if you get an overwhelming majority of people who have been vaccinated with a potent vaccine, we can relatively reach quickly. " the herd immunity, which would be a shield for the land. "But, as Fauci made clear, if only about 40% or 50% of our population is getting the vaccine, it is not enough to achieve herd immunity.

And until the vaccine is available? It's not just a scenario where you shrug your shoulders and give up. As always, Fauci recommended that people practice social distancing, wash their hands and wear a mask. With regards to Thanksgiving, Fauci noted that airports can be especially unsafe for virus spreading as they can be crowded with people in long lines. And if masks are not worn, that's only all the more worrying.

And, regarding the vacation itself, he advised people to do the obvious and be careful when it comes to meeting people you don't live with. Do you feel lonely on vacation? That is understandable. Could we suggest a virtual celebration? Sure, it may not be the tradition you and your family are used to, but the sooner we stay home and do our best to stay safe, the sooner we can place ourselves on the other side of this pandemic.

You can check out the following segment courtesy of YouTube.

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