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As Trump continues to say fraud instances in Georgia, Don Jr. urges his constituents to vote for runoff elections within the Senate

As Donald Trump desperately seeks a third listing of Georgia's votes to re-establish his losing status, Republicans begin to fret at the toll his imaginary fraud claims are taking on the GOP turnout for the two critical runoff elections in the Senate in January will. In fact, the threat level has to be quite an all-CAPS epic, as Don Jr. took to Twitter himself Monday morning to help contain the impact.

"I see a lot of conversation from people supposed to be on our side telling the GOP voters not to go out and vote for @KLoeffler and @PerdueSenate," Don Jr. tweeted the day after the Trump campaign came on Another consisted of recounting the voting results of the state, which have already been confirmed. “That is nonsensical. Ignore these people. We need ALL of our people who come out to vote for Kelly & David, ”he added.

Let's tell the majority in the GOP Senate to hammer sand. Now spend $ 4 to get the Democrats back under control.

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