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He might have misplaced, however Donald Trump has no intention of going quietly

The most immediate concern, of course, is revenge. Trump is busy this weekend attacking Republican governors who he believes are not doing as much as they should to overthrow their states' elections and reinstate him as Dear Leader Weil Reasons. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, now accused by Trump's "attorney" Sidney Powell of taking money to vote against Trump, and Ohio Governor Mike DeWine who called Joe Biden "President-Elect despite Trump on live television." "insisted that every member of the Republican Party pretend Biden did not win to better support Trump's anti-reality propaganda claims.

Trump has threatened to fight Republicans who have wronged him even after he left. This could be an interesting first test of these skills. Trump's Labrador Sean Hannity and other pro-fascist experts eagerly follow Trump's lead, particularly beating up Kemp. Things may or may not be different if Trump escaped to Mar-a-Lago. One has the feeling that Hannity in particular finds Trump so enormously useful that he will let Trump dictate the constraints of his show in the years to come. Their relationship is, shall we say, driving.

Regardless of whether he won or lost, Trump truly believes he is the fascist leader of a Republican Party that has been reorganized around his own perversions, and both he and his allies have taken extraordinary steps to address the unfaithful and reality-based to eliminate both government and party leadership positions. Trump loyalist Ronna Romney McDaniel, the current chair of the Republican National Committee, has announced that she intends to hold her position in January – with Donald Trump's support. While she herself insists that she does not intend to use that post to ensure that a Trump 2024 presidential election is stepped up against potential Republican challengers, anyone who has allied with Trump has proven to be a relentless liar and few members of the party, if anything, actually believe it.

That then leads to the elephant in the elephant: Trump seems quite interested in running again for the presidency in 2024, or at least pretending to be. The New York Times outlines some of the steps Trump took to keep control of the Republican Party in his own hands for at least that long, and the difficulties the party will have in removing him. Trump's allies have tried to ensure that there is simply no one left in the party who could stand up against him, even if someone wanted to.

That power, especially when backed by a Trump-loyal party leader like Romney McDaniel, means the likely kneecap of a Republican running for president in 2024. They are all hostage to Trump's own decision to run or not to run. And it's in Trump's best interest to "run" for the nomination, whether he's serious or not. Trump is not relevant unless he expresses a desire for additional power; If there's anything that Trump absolutely needs to have, as a confused malicious narcissist obsessed with nothing else, then it is relevant.

Trump must run for office in order to maintain relevance. He also needs it to continue making cash from his base of obsessive-compulsive ills; While he may not be able to spend that money on himself directly without risking jail time (not that such subtleties were observed while running his now-closed family "charity"), it becomes an essential resource for Trump's innumerable legal defenses remain. Expect Trump to bleed those campaign money to pay the bills that need to be paid, forever.

So it's absolutely certain that Trump will at least go through the proposals of a new presidential election, and likely before Biden even takes office. This will sabotage any other Republican contender and will even deprive the party of the pretext to "move on" from its fascist moment. It may or may not work to aggravate right-wing terrorism, which threatens to break out after Trump's loss, but Trump won't care.

In the end, however, Trump is Trump. He can only operate within the narrow limits of his own abilities and literally cannot learn new tricks. He's played out.

The Washington Post gives us our own glimpse into Trump's orbit and head, and there are no particular surprises. The Post confirms that Trump has told “confidants” that he could announce a campaign for 2024 “before the end of this year”. And there's an honest assessment of what's next.

"Trump has also been looking for ways to make money for relatively little work," says the Post, "such as giving paid speeches to corporate groups or selling tickets for rallies. He could also try to write a memoir statement about him . " Time as president and appear on television, in paid or unpaid capacity. "

Yes, that sounds about right. Trump will do what he literally always has: find ways to make money without having to work, mainly by licensing his name to the highest bidder. We'll likely get a new book of Eternal Complaints, thanks to a ghostwriter willing to listen to how many hundred hours it will take, which is being inflicted on us as a pseudo-autobiography. And above all, Trump intends to keep making screaming speeches in front of admirable crowds from now on and forever. It's his thing. Without it, it would wither and die like the plant you just brought home.

However, all of this means that America's fascist moment is not over yet. It will go on and with the same guide. The fascist moment will go to a speech. The fascist moment will license itself for pillow brands and wonder drugs. The fascist movement could invent a new burger. But it will be back. There is no one in Republicanism who will shut it down, and especially not after Republican lawmakers proved to one another countless times that there would be no one among them who would take this side if they stood up to Trump condemn. They are loyalists, not because there is something they admire about Trump, but because their cowardice leaves them no choice.

It's not hard to imagine that any Republican who imagines the next president would give up on those dreams instead of facing Trump's insults. The 2016 opponents, which included Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, seemingly effortlessly transformed into Trump sycophants. The Republican Party itself is broken, no longer Conservative, but willingly ridiculous, regrettable and fascist.

If there is to be resistance to a fascist return of the conservative right, it will come from a new party with a new name. Republicanism itself cannot and will not offer it.

There is another option, however, and it is one that the media is addressing only as a hint and as a side note. Trump faces unprecedented "legal" problems because he is in unprecedented legal peril. Journalists have uncovered a mountain of blatant fraud and tax evasion, and those that cannot be pardoned, no matter how outrageously Trump misuses the ability. Attorney General William Barr has stalled numerous investigations into Trump employees, many of which directly affect Trump and his own family. This investigation is likely to resume once Barr is removed from his post.

If Trump plans to have a rematch in 2024, there is a not inconsiderable possibility that he will do so on indictment or record his campaign speeches from a nation with no extradition treaty with the United States. The man is a walking rampage. The Müller report made it clear that he lied to investigators; Roger Stone and Michael Flynn's charges have made it clear that Trump himself either personally directed their criminal acts, or at least was made aware of them.

It's not likely that it will all go away. But we cannot accept it and it cannot be taken for granted. If America is to reverse a spate of conspiracy actions, government sponsored propaganda, political cleansing, political crimes and cover-ups in office, it is calling for ethnic cleansing, violence on behalf of Dear Leader and the rest of the fascist agenda's conservative media outlets long before that Trump himself captured the movement for his own selfish ends. There will be no deus ex machina doing this for us. The US conservative shift towards fascism did not require Trump and will surely survive it.

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