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Opinion: Why Trump Should Be Shamed To Save American Politics

President-elect Joe Biden has reportedly raised concerns about Trump's many possible criminal prosecutions that are distracting from his presidential mission. Just when Barack Obama refused to prosecute the Bush-Cheney regime for its outright lies about Iraq's possession of weapons of mass destruction, it resulted in a lengthy and unnecessary war with Iraq that killed thousands and billions of Americans Dollar cost supported the Americans at home, so Biden has expressed an interest in moving forward and not following the past.

This concern is legitimate. Every political agenda has an important PR and communication agenda. Ambitious political agendas, such as the passing of major health laws, require the support of the American people's public opinion. To get this popular support, it depends on the Biden government's ability to communicate with and convince Americans.

One thing Trump knows how to do is devour airtime. Until recently, when major networks refused to cover up his lies about electoral fraud, Trump had been extraordinarily effective in focusing US coverage on him. No advertisement was bad advertisement for Trump.

So it's understandable that Biden is unwilling to let Trump's criminal case dominate the headlines. Indeed, there may be a long list of charges awaiting him.

Trump's trials would certainly fuel his persecution complex and he would play the martyr in front of his seemingly unwavering base and weep how bad and unfair the world is to him.

It's all true.

But, you know what? He's not going away anyway. He will still cry that the world was bad and unfair to him, that he was betrayed. He will continue to play on his basis, tweeting endlessly and lying voluminously and incessantly.

And without consequence. He will do it freely. It could even have its own cable network or show.

What will it be like if Trump isn't charged with sexual misconduct, tax fraud that he's investigated, campaign funding violations, countless acts of corruption, and more?

Failure to prosecute Trump for his many crimes sends a message to all of our political leaders.

If Individual-1 can run away unscathed, they can expect to get away with corruption.

It will become clear that there is no deterrent to abuse of one's political office, only temptations.

And Trump himself will simply continue to play the same trumpet that he is again the victim of unfounded allegations by his political enemies, as evidenced by the fact that he was never touched and never had consequences.

In order to save American politics or at least have the chance to reduce corruption and restore a certain sense of dignity to high political offices, Trump must receive the negative publicity of his time, his many days in court, as well as Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn and some of his other political friends persevered.

Perhaps he can use this reporting to his advantage; Given the way Rudy Giuliani and his group of legal clowns have handled his electoral fraud cases, I look forward to the courtroom drama of prosecution after prosecution with parades of witnesses being proven and worked out, with extensive accounts of his unfavorable and criminal behavior.

He has not had to be held responsible for his wrongdoings for the past four years and strutted around in his lie in the pulpit of bullying and after the lie. Let him do it under oath; let him face the fire.

Have all cited documents disclosed as he has no presidential privilege.

Gerald Ford apologized to Richard Nixon, believing this would help the nation heal.

Unchecking Trump for his criminal and corrupt behavior will not cure America for not walking away. Nixon resigned from grace. Trump will flaunt his freedom on our faces.

Rumor has it he is flirting with a 2024 presidential election and his family will dominate Republican party politics.

The only way to get rid of him is to let him fall from grace. He will never feel this shame himself. He must fall from grace in the eyes of American voters.

Even if we can't see him in the garb most suitable for him, that orange jumpsuit, at least the truth could come out in a court of law for all to see.

If not, Trump's lies will continue, as will his work to destroy American democracy.

Tim Libretti is a professor of American literature and culture at a state university in Chicago. A longtime progressive voice, he has published numerous academic and journalistic articles on culture, class, race, gender and politics, for which he has received awards from the Working Class Studies Association, the International Labor Communications Association and the National Federation of Press Women and the Illinois Woman & # 39; s Press Association.

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