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Whereas Republicans had been making politics of American life, Ben Carson was close to dying

Estimates of what this treatment would have cost one of the 250,000 Americans who died after contracting the virus, in our current system, range from well over $ 100,000 to about $ 650,000. Whether this combination of drugs helped save Carson's life has not been fully established. Carson was able to receive the treatment on Saturday – before the FDA approved it – a day after Carson's Facebook post.

The drug, according to the Washington Post, manufactured by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals is the second monoclonal antibody therapy approved for the treatment of COVID-19. It mimics an immune response of the patient's body. In cases where the patient's body does not produce an adequate immune response, this drug can help alleviate the severity of a person's illness.

Research has shown that what works for some people doesn't work for others. The very real public health problem, however, is that our country cannot provide even a few hundred people with these treatments every day, let alone thousands every day. Part of that is our country's medical infrastructure and the cost of producing the drug.

Unlike traditional pills, these drugs are synthesized by living organisms in specialized reactors at a biological rate that cannot be accelerated. A worldwide battle for the capacity to manufacture the drugs is ongoing. Companies enter into agreements with competitors to improve their production capacities.

The Trump administration has bought 300,000 cans so far "with the option to buy hundreds of thousands more. “At a dose between $ 1,250 and $ 1,500, that's around half a billion. Currently, an average of 171,000 new cases are reported daily in the United States. Without public health interventions, that number will grow exponentially. And while Ben Carson mentions the need for people to "stop playing politics," there is literally only one group of people who play the dangerous political games that resulted in more than a quarter of a million Americans dead.

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