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An infrastructure undertaking that everybody can love

Wild horses roam free outside of Milford, Utah.

There must be a chicken in here somewhere crossing the street joke, but I can't find it. Even so, few minutes of wildlife has a much easier journey through Utah due to a brand new wildlife crossbreed.

According to National Geographic, a section of the Utah freeway "98 deer, three moose, two moose, several raccoons and a puma … a total of 106 animals "that were killed by cars within two years. In addition, there are 21 threatened and endangered species in the United States whose survival is specifically threatened by automobiles, including "key deer in Florida, bighorn sheep in California and red-bellied turtles in Alabama." Wildlife accidents naturally also kill people. "Over the past 15 years, vehicle collisions have increased by 50 percent, with an estimated one to two million large animals being killed by motorists each year," said Rob Ament, road ecology program manager at the Western Transportation Institute (WTI) from Montana State University.

So here's an elegant solution that also provides a fun science and entertainment opportunity with cameras in place. "You can achieve reductions of 85 to 95 percent with intersections and fences that put animals under or over highways," says Ament. While we're building our wish-list for Biden management infrastructure projects, here's a good one.

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