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Opinion: Trump plans to delete a part of the structure for his racist base

It's not clear how long Republicans will allow Trump to undermine the United States Constitution, but his recent threat to rewrite part of the nation's founding document to suit his xenophobic and racist tendencies is an honest constitutional crisis.

Republicans should have been in the arms of Trump early in Trump's term of office for his comments that the US Constitution was bad for America, but of course they weren't. Instead of hitting the orange paint right off his fat, bloated face, the Republicans just did nothing and said nothing. They had bigger concerns about giving more taxpayers money to the rich and corporations and dismantling the federal government.

Trump's most recent outrage, and it's a good outrage, is his promise to remove part of the 14th amendment to the US Constitution by enacting an executive order banning "birthright". Its racist and xenophobic supporters called for drastic measures to turn America into a white Aryan utopia. as if that would do the deed.

For the uninformed, the 14th Amendment guarantees that everyone born in the United States is a US citizen. Like the rest of the founding document, Trump thinks the change is bad. It is noteworthy that most Republicans, and certainly most Evangelical fanatics too, believe the 14th Amendment is bad simply because it gives every American equal protection of the law.

Republicans don't like the idea that people of color have the same rights as their white counterparts, especially the right to vote. And religious extremists vehemently oppose the idea that as citizens of the United States, members of the LGBTQ community and women have equal rights.

The constitutional amendment Trump wants to dismantle for his racist and xenophobic acolytes reads as follows:

"All individuals born or naturalized in the United States under its jurisdiction are citizens of the United States and the state in which they reside. No state may enact or enforce laws that limit the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States. Also, no state may deprive a person of life, liberty or property without this being required by law. not deny anyone in their jurisdiction the same protection of the law. "(Author bold)

The wording of the 14th amendment is very clear. But Trump, like dirty racists and xenophobes, cannot accept that the law of the country is the law of the country. Trump, like any racist authoritarian discontent, not only hates the country's law with religious zeal, he also claims he has the unilateral authority to amend the constitution to suit his inherent animus over what he calls "the others" designated. However, there is a process of amending a part of the constitution that does not include a racist loser enacting an executive order.

The procedure for amending the Constitution is clearly set out in Article V, and there is no mention that the Head of Executive has issued an executive order. It is obvious that Trump's lackeys briefed him on the process, but like any part of the Constitution or other law, Trump insists that it is wrong. He said of his plan to dismantle the 14th Amendment:

“I've always been told that you need a constitutional change. Guess what? You do not do that. It is there. It will happen with an executive order. "

One cannot help but wonder what other “laws in the country” Trump intends to null and void before hopefully forcing him to leave the place he is not allowed to visit, let alone occupy. However, one is not in the least confused as to why Trump wants to dismantle that particular part of the Constitution; He is as filthy racist xenophobia as his evil base of support, which fears that people of color, regardless of color, enjoy "equal protection under the law".

The 14th Amendment has been in effect since 1868, and America has never had a problem collecting taxes, collecting naturalized and natural-born citizens to wage its wars, or using the manual labor of “citizens” who enjoy birthright citizenship to build America. Now, however, there is a monster in the White House that has tapped America's worst racist and xenophobic population for political power and is dedicated to their endemic hatred of "the other." Even if “the other” are legal citizens of the United States who deserve “equal protection of the law” under the law of the country.

There are reports that Trump and his aides are consulting with members of the White House attorney to draft an executive order specifically to erase part of the document Trump swore. Unfortunately, there are quite a number of Americans who want Trump to delete some parts of the constitution that are incompatible with their racism and religious fanaticism. all to give them the legal authority to suppress other Americans who fail to comply with the worst demands of the population.

Trump is a mad loser and he intends to burn as much of America as possible and his Republican acolytes are more than happy to get on board. It is a damned sad state of affairs that so many Americans have voted for an aspiring dictator who is no more loyal to the US Constitution than the people who revere him as the one chosen by their God for America.

Of course, such an order will be brought to justice, and some naïve Americans believe that the courts will stick to the simple language of the 14th Amendment. There's a reason Moscow's Mitch McConnell has spent the past two years filling the courts with Trump supporters while hundreds of laws languished on his desk. Now it is not certain that Trump's appointment to the High Court will uphold the Constitution just because it is not why they are there. Trump knows it, and it is certainly one of the main reasons he waited until there was a clear Conservative majority in the High Court before passing an order expressly part of the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution was deleted.

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