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Saturday Night time Owls: Senator Murphy calls on Biden to evaluation relations with Saudi Arabia on girls's rights

Your crime? A little less than the feminism of the second wave in the style of Gloria Steinem. She wanted to be able to drive. She wanted to be able to travel without her father or husband's permission. Some of the goals she advocated were actually achieved under the de facto rule of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, although the ultra-patriarchal guardianship system was only slightly relaxed. However, Bin Salman is so concerned about someone else getting credit for the reforms that he seems determined to send Lujjain to the gallows for daring to speak out at all.

She is accused of "communicating with foreign parties". She was arrested in the United Arab Emirates in 2018 after returning from an international conference in Geneva on discrimination against women, apparently referenced by "foreign parties". The UAE then turned them over to the Saudi police. Imagine if it were a form of terrorism to take part in a women's rights conference in Switzerland. The Saudi press calls her and her family "traitors".

The sinister role played by the United Arab Emirates should not be forgotten here.

Her husband, the Saudi comedian Fahad al-Butairi, was also arrested in 2018 and remains in prison.

Saudi Arabia is one of the last absolute monarchies in the world to practice beheadings and stoning (no punishment is included in the Quran, which is supposedly the constitution of the Saudi state). It really should be noted that there is nothing in Islam that prohibits women from driving, and all 900 million Muslim women have been driving all this time, except in Saudi Arabia. The crimes that Ms. Hathloul has committed are against a repressive, authoritarian state.

Murphy said in a tweet:


Standing up for women's rights in Saudi Arabia is now considered terrorism.

The Biden administration must reset our relationship with Saudi Arabia. America cannot be a credible human rights voice if we continue to look the other way.

– Chris Murphy (@ChrisMurphyCT) November 26, 2020



“A preventive war to 'defend' freedom would certainly destroy freedom, because you simply cannot act barbarically without becoming barbaric, because you cannot defend human values ​​through calculated and unprovoked violence without the values ​​that one is trying to inflict fatal damage to defend. " ~~ Sen. J. William Fullbright, The Arrogance of Power (1967)



Senator Perdue shouldn't be afraid to discuss me again. It can't possibly be as bad for him as it was last time.

– Jon Ossoff (@ossoff) November 28, 2020



At Daily Kos that day in 2006– San Francisco values:

Did you hear O & # 39; Reilly invented the phrase "San Francisco Values"? Yes, he also thinks he invented sliced ​​bread and fire.

But let's talk about "San Francisco Values" – tolerance, entrepreneurship and creativity.

Since O & # 39; Reilly boycotts everything he hates, I look forward to his boycott of all products from the Bay Area. The same goes for any conservative who beats up San Francisco and the Bay Area. So no iPods or anything from Apple. No HP computers. No google. No Yahoo. No eBay. Those conservative bloggers using Blogspot, MovableType or TypePad? We are sorry. These products are based on the Bay Area.

No Adobe or Macromedia products either. No computers either, since most of them run on AMD or Intel. No tax preparation with Intuit products. Cancel your Netflix subscription. Cancel your TiVo subscription. Remove your Network Associates or Symantec virus protection software from your computer. Disconnect your Netgear WiFi router from the mains.

Don't wear Levi's (or any type of jeans), Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy or buy gymboree for your kids. Avoid LeapFrog educational toys. Boycott Pixar movies. Boycott any movie with George Lucas's ILM special effects shop. Stay away from Treos and other Palm devices. Don't let Charles Schwab manage your portfolio. Bank not at Wells Fargo.

Yes, these "San Francisco values" are sure to drag the region down. To make it weak as it falls behind the rest of the country – the parts that don't share "San Francisco values" – economically and socially.

Or maybe – just maybe – it has made the region a magnet for the world's brightest, most innovative, entrepreneurial people and an incubator of the world's most dramatic technological advances.

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