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Consider your media sources sooner or later. Keep in mind, the mainstream has failed you once more

Oops, the media screwed it up again. This week, President Trump told reporters that he would be "safe" after the electoral college voted Joe Biden into office.

After the media continually tried to impose strategies of horror on the American people by claiming Trump wouldn't leave without destroying something, which is the Constitution.

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It's amazing that the media folks who tried to shit everyone by saying there would be coups and civil wars are now claiming it wasn't just because they stopped – instead of – with their tweets and columns admit that they are – again – spreading false hysteria:

– Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) November 27, 2020

The "news" media has been lavishly biased for decades, if not over a century (according to some).

The astonishment is that so many people continue to view these outlets as suppliers of unvarnished facts without their own (almost always left-wing) twist.

The media relies on the naivete of their audience, and unfortunately for good reason because they are.

As always, Trump is taking the sensible path. As for the Democrats' hysteria over the election, let's say if there was no fraud, why should they fight so hard to stop recounts or investigate the process?

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I especially like all of the mail-in votes that were counted a day before it was actually sent.

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Keep an eye on the social media platforms

The media is a propaganda machine for the left, and has been since the election of Bill Clinton.

I enjoy some conservative Truth to the Bone websites like Political Insider because I can get more truth out of them than the reporters who are supposed to be helping the American public.

In my opinion, a free press only has as much freedom as a large company allows. Today politicians are in bed with lobbyists and the press is in love with the almighty dollar.

Yes, Fox News, so do you. When it bleeds, it leads.

Also, be very careful about receiving messages from social media platforms. The purpose of the AI ​​algorithms on which social media websites are based is to selectively provide you with news so that you can stay on this website for as long as possible. This will generate more advertising revenue for them.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing. If you are interested in gardening, gardening stories and ads on your page will be filtered.

However, if you start driving down either a Trump-bad / Biden-good or a Biden-bad / Trump-good wormhole, you are not far from ending up on an antifa or alt-right site.

The AI ​​algorithm that guided you is not evil. It's just emotionless and does the job it was designed for.

Can things be fixed?

There is always an opportunity to change reasonable hearts and minds, but don't rely on the mainstream media, please don't!

I meet a lot of young people in my business every day and I always take the time to deal with them. I encourage her to search for the truth no matter where it takes you.

Not necessarily left or right, but the truth. Do some research and come to your own conclusions. Many are simply ignorant because they have not been trained to be rational thinkers.

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We know the main problem. States with responsible Republicans must now repair their schools. If we can't fix the schools, the loss of our republic is only a matter of time.

When sending children to college, let them know in advance of the social justice nonsense they will face in order to be well prepared for it.

Trump nudged the devil (the Democratic Party) and the devil didn't like it.

Now all of the devil allies, the demons of the Hades (the MSM, Big, Tech, and the Deep State) are determined to kill this Trump MAGA threat and protect its existence.

If America loses to the existential threat posed by the Democratic Party, there is little chance of recovery.


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