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After GOP confirmed Trump's cupboard of incompetent partisans, he eschewed the politically formed election of Biden

But now the same Republicans are saying Tanden is just too partisan.

Their main argument is that Tanden is an active Twitter user who advocates Democrats and Liberal principles. Could have been worse – it could have helped efforts to acquit a president who tried to steal a US election by blackmailing a foreign ally into an investigation into his political enemy. Still, Texas Senator John Cornyn, who voted to free Donald Trump from attacking the US Constitution, calls it "radioactive."

In fact, Cornyn is shocked after Republicans sloganed almost every Trump candidate – not to mention confirmation from 230 lifelong federal judges – that Biden does not ask Republicans to dictate his selection in advance.

"I'm really a little surprised, especially with the OMB candidate, that there hasn't been at least one consultation," Cornyn told Politico. "I mean, some of these problems can be avoided." And people saved themselves from the embarrassment. "

I mean, if Cornyn and the rest of the Republicans in Congress aren't embarrassed about having sold their souls to the most corrupt U.S. president in history in the past four years, then it's really impossible to imagine who else will be embarrassed by anything should … like, ever. It's not that Tanden put her hand on a Bible before opening a Twitter account and took an oath not to speak critically while the Republicans destroyed our democracy, trampled the US Constitution, Trump's open embrace of the white supremacists backed and turned a blind eye to Trump's pandemic slaughter of around 265,000 Americans. In fact, anyone who stood silently while the Republicans smeared the runners of fascism has committed a deeply unpatriotic act. Overall, Tanden's vehement or other objections to this course were a sign of the republic.

But hey, taking that position was "openly partisan," says Ohio Senator Rob Portman, who also voted for Mulvaney's confirmation and Trump's acquittal without hearing from a single witness. Oh, and Portman is also a self-proclaimed deficit hawk who voted for the $ 1.5 trillion tax cut that is expected to cost Americans far more than they got for it. But Tanden should be ashamed.

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