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Kamala Harris already exhibits a stage of management that was not possible below Trump

On Thanksgiving Day, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris called the Americans. She spoke to and thanked a young Bay Area artist after a video of him creating a portrait of the elected vice president went viral. She also called University of Chicago Medical Center nurse Talisa Hardin to thank her for the work Hardin has done on the front lines of our current COVID-19 pandemic.

Hardin practically testified before a coronavirus subcommittee of the House Oversight Committee in May, where she spoke about her experience as a nurse in the intensive care unit. She explained how thin these important facilities were with the rise in COVID-19 patients and the lack of adequate protection that she and other nurses received to carry out their very dangerous and important duties. In particular, Hardin stated in May that the need for protection is not just for the nurses and medical staff themselves, but also for protecting the families of the people who care for the sick. According to the National Nurses United, both Hardin's mother and uncle, have contracted COVID-19 and their uncle is still in the hospital battling the disease.

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