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Adam Schiff tells Trump pardons received't save him from authorized hassle

Although it looks like Donald Trump is trying to use the president's pardon to protect himself, his family and crooked friends from legal troubles, Democratic MP Adam Schiff – cHouse Intelligence Committee hair – pHelp on Tuesday that pardons do not fully protect the president from legal liability.

Regarding the latest news that the Justice Department is investigating a potential bribery pardon program at the White House, Rep. Schiff said Trump may not be able to evade liability – even if he pardons himself before leaving office.

"There may be certain parts of this conspiracy … that can also be prosecuted by state and local officials, so there may not be a full escape from liability," the Democratic legislature said.

"If the president were a party … if he wasn't isolated, he couldn't apologize or avoid liability in this way," added Rep. Schiff.


The MP Adam Schiff (D-CA) explains why pardons do not protect Donald Trump from legal problems.

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) December 2, 2020

Deputy Ship said:

Number one, there can be problems even though the pardon would be federal law that still violates state law. There may be certain parts of this conspiracy – when it comes to this – that can also be prosecuted by state and local officials, so there may not be a full escape from liability. And, you know, if the President were a party – and obviously it may not, or may not have any knowledge of it – he would not be isolated, unable to apologize or evade liability Path. I think the long and the short is probably not very much what Congress can do, but what state and local prosecutors can do would be bigger. And the congressional rule here would be oversight and prospective legislation to try to contain these abuses in the future.

Pardons will not save Donald Trump

Donald Trump spends the final days of his presidency doing two things: trying to overturn the elections and pardoning his crooked friends as the coronavirus rages across the country and millions of families and businesses struggle to get along in this troubled economy.

The good news for those hoping that Trump will be held accountable after leaving office is that the president's pardon only applies to federal law, not state and local crimes.

With Donald Trump, his company and family under investigation in New York, no presidential pardon will allow him to completely evade legal accountability.

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