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Republicans haven’t any credibility with Biden's cupboard appointments

As a backdrop, let's carefully examine some of the people Republicans have inducted into Trump's cabinet since 2017, including those who were the living embodiment of a Kakistocracy – a government specifically designed to bring in the worst people for the job , for which they were selected for the unique purpose of destroying the government and additionally spitting up the democratic opposition. Or, if you will, as Mark Sumner puts it, a trolocracy.

There has never been anything as simple or innocent as a "shout of judgment" that could steam up Trump's nominees. It was by all evidence a systematic, deliberate process, Trump's Way or the Autobahn, initiated by the likes of Steve Bannon at the start of this administration's poor tenure.

From the start, this government would put up the most incompetent and worst of people, many of whom had little to no respect or respect for the agency they were supposed to run, and in some cases, whose entire purpose was to break down or neutralize the same agency. These people were purposely chosen by Trump, who knew full well that he was going to stab the Democrats in the eye with a sharp stick. Of course, Trump enjoyed every minute. And every Republican senator marched in step with him, most with thunderous applause, and laughed to himself all the way.

These were some of the specimens that have been shoved down the nation's jaws in the past four years:

Ben Carson: A former (God help us all) surgeon and failed presidential candidate was hired to do housing and urban development, an agency he had absolutely no business in. His entire tenure has been an attempt to dismantle what many believe is the agency's main mission: removing barriers to housing discrimination. He did this job by hiring people with "zero housing policy experience, with 16 appearing in high-paying positions for working on either Trump or Carson's presidential campaigns." It was also deliberately selected as a mockery of black Americans, the vast majority of whom voted against Trump, despite working to eradicate fair housing policies.

Scott Pruitt: A fossil fuel industry that had previously served as Oklahoma attorney general for guns and anti-regulatory fanatics has been tasked with protecting that country. At the EPA, Pruitt quickly transformed that agency into an eco-friendly juggernaut who dismantled environmental regulations until he was eventually forced to resign after following a "litany of corrupt practices, illegal activities, and misuse of public funds" that would have had the career of an ordinary Politician finished. "

Betsy DeVos: A billionaire heiress with no educational experience – save her financial ties with the for-profit diploma mills that specialize in ripping off low-income students with worthless degrees. Her alleged "religious" sensitivity was used as a siphon in her attempts to drain public schools. DeVos was put at the head of that nation's Ministry of Education to destroy it. Not only did DeVos abuse her trust by diverting tax dollars to the private sector, but she dipped her pedicured toes into social engineering as her family foundation funded efforts to break mail-in polls even as she admonished schools in the midst of it Internet open to remain worst public health crisis in this country in the last century.

William Barr: Barr, a religious fanatic who wanted to turn the Justice Department into a weapon against discrimination and injustice, worked slavishly as the political tool of Trump's White House throughout his tenure. He issued sadistic edicts threatening (and sometimes inflicting) violence on people who peacefully protested the systemic racism of the local police force, and hired roving steroid-infused thugs from the Corrections Department and other authorities to deliver these protesters kidnap and intimidate. Barr worked hard to misrepresent the results of the Mueller investigation, and even bent down so low that he tried to divert credible rape allegations against Donald Trump.

Mike Pompeo: The man who immediately worked to destroy our alliances and destroy morality in the State Department is another religious zealot whose foreign policy appears to be geared towards realizing the dream of the evangelical fever of the "end times". After Pompeo was asked why he did not step in to stop smearing Marie Yovanovitch, the former US ambassador to Ukraine, he lied about it in an explosive chatter addressed to an NPR reporter. Meanwhile, Pompeo has spent his tenure incriminating American taxpayers for personal gain.

Ryan Zinke: Zinke, a sloppy and corrupt industry connoisseur appointed interior minister, left the company like Pruitt after allowing polluters to buy up and destroy our public land. Zinke brought so many ethics reviews with him that he even embarrassed Donald Trump.

And who could forget that Wilbur Ross, our Minister of Commerce, possibly the most corrupt of all Trump's cabinet members appointed? Ross, a walking encyclopedia of conflicts of interest, is sycophantic to Trump for even threatening NOAA employees during "Sharpiegate" after rejecting Trump's idiotic proposals about the trajectory of a deadly hurricane.

There are many more of these excellent examples of incompetents, liars, and assailants who have invaded the highest levels of our government during Trump's tenure – with no glance from the likes of John Cornyn or anyone else.

Nobody – absolutely nobody – in the Republican-controlled Senate has the slightest credibility to judge who should or should not be a member of President-elect Biden's cabinet, least of all John Cornyn, who enthusiastically voted to confirm every Trump nominee listed above . The Republicans have long since lost this credibility and have since lost it again and again.

One fact for this new administration to internalize and remember is that the entire GOP thought process is based on the assumption that all democratic governance is illegal, that Biden's election as president, although temporarily impractical for them, is in theirs A brief hiatus is the Republicans' legitimate right to run the executive branch.

And that's how they'll treat Biden. They will treat Biden exactly as they treated President Barack Obama: without respect. To legislation, to judges or to cabinet officials. Hell, even if they tried to cooperate, they're going to be too scared of Trump's Twitter fingers. They only understand one thing – power when it's in their face. They don't care about the country, they've already proven that in spades, and they definitely don't care about Biden. They will push the limits of their power until there is no way they can get anywhere.

Some people might argue that the repeated payments of "acting" heads of agencies could jeopardize the legitimacy of some of their executive functions. However, it is worse to allow the GOP to fit in effectively with the executive branch, essentially holding it hostage and only approving cabinet candidates that it fully "approves" of. It is a fundamental usurpation of power that is contrary to the intent of the Constitution. It's just a variation on what they've already done with judicial nominations, and can't stand it. If the Supreme Court is forced to weigh this basic concept, so be it. However, this administration should not begin in a position of weakness by addressing the abuse of power by the Republicans.

Do yourself a great favor, President-elect Biden. Hire who you want and stick with it.

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