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The Republican governor of Georgia assaults Fox and calls Trump to vote over misinformation

Republican Governor Geoff Duncan (R-GA) called on Trump for spreading misinformation about the elections in an attempt to turn his state around.


Georgia Governor Geoff Duncan (R) is calling Trump directly for spreading misinformation in an attempt to turn the state around.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 2, 2020

Neil Cavuto asked Duncan on Fox News, "Misinformation – You say misinformation comes from the president? I know he belittled some of the things you said, what the governor said, what the secretary of state said. You want to clarify? "

Duncan replied, "Yes, this misinformation comes from every angle, Neil, I have to tell you, it's daunting, it's definitely not our best moment. We keep getting hundreds if not thousands of misinformation coming in from people almost every hour, who see something on Facebook or Twitter and it takes ten seconds to unmask. The disturbing part for me, Neil, is that so much comes under the premise of not rooting out fraud but simply trying to flip an election. "

Cavuto continued, "I am assuming that you are referring to the fact that the thousands of votes that went to him did not appear in these counts and recounts. Can you clearly state that it does not?"

The Lt. Governor replied, "Yeah, so we're four weeks, four weeks later. And we haven't seen the Attorney General, the Secretary of State, the investigators have seen any sign of systemic or organized fraud. And Neil, I have to be honest with you when Georgians, as lieutenant governor of the state, I'm proud of that. Although the guy I voted for won't win Georgia, I'm proud that we held fair and legal elections. "

Duncan did not hesitate when asked where the misinformation came from. The reason senior Georgian state officials are defending the integrity of their elections is because they are trying to undo Trump's efforts that are preventing Republicans from voting in the Senate runoff elections.

Trump has no control over state officials, and it is clear that they have grown tired of his baseless attacks in Georgia.

Donald Trump is only violating the Republican Party with his ongoing attack on the integrity of the US elections.

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