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West Virginia was as soon as a Democratic bastion and is now the most effective states within the GOP

Rep. David McKinley's 1st Ward in northern West Virginia backed Trump 68-30, which was also just a small shift from his 68-26 win four years ago. Rep. Alex Mooney's 2nd Ward in the center of the state endorsed Trump 65-33 after hitting the top of Ticket 66-29 in 2016.

Trump's best performance in both races, however, was in the 3rd Ward of Rep. Carol Miller in the south, a formerly heavily democratic area that routinely supported the party-down ticket into the early 21st century. Trump won 73-25 here, compared to 73-23 last time.

Below the presidential level, the 18 districts that make up the current 3rd District supported only a single Republican candidate for nationwide office from 1930 to 2014. Republican Governor Arch Moore in 1972. (West Virginia is one of only two states, along with Iowa, that does not divide districts in Congressional redistribution.) Long-time Democratic MP Nick Rahall lost re-election in 2014, and as Trump's performance shows, the area is now extremely hostile to Democrats.

Democrats controlled redistribution a decade ago, but made minimal adjustments to the map of the state and did little to stop the GOP from sweeping the delegation, though at this point district lines are unlikely to have a single Democrat can save. Republicans will now be in charge of the process at a time when the state is leading the process seems likely to lose a seat.

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