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Rachel Maddow says resigning earlier than inauguration is not going to save Invoice Trump's trump-tainted legacy

It has been reported that Attorney General William Barr – one of Donald Trump's most loyal soldiers since he took office in the Justice Department – may leave his post before Trump leaves.

If Barr believes leaving early will help restore the remains of his battered legacy, Rachel Maddow told the Attorney General to reconsider.

"He's going to get past this, his intervention in the Flynn case and his intervention in the Stone case, and so much more than ten tons," said the MSNBC host. "That will be his legacy."


"Whoever picks Biden as their next AG has to go in with a broom and flashlight to clean up the lingering rotting mess Bill Barr has left there," says #maddow.

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) December 9, 2020

Maddow said:

As I said, there are now several reports that Bill Barr may resign before his inauguration day as attorney general. If so, he'll leave this, his intervention in the Flynn case and his intervention in the Stone case, and so much more than a ten-tonne weight behind. That will be his legacy. And whoever chooses Joe Biden as the next attorney general has to really go with a broom and flashlight that first night just to clean up the ongoing rotting mess Bill Barr left there.

The next attorney general will have his work cut out for them

Regardless of who Joe Biden chooses to be his next attorney general, they will have the hugely important job of restoring the Justice Department's credibility and cleaning up the mess that William Barr is leaving behind.

A sign that the DOJ will be in better hands is that Biden seems to understand that it needs to act independently rather than act as the president's personal law firm as it has for the past four years.

"It's not my Justice Department," Biden said recently. "It's the People's Justice Department."

It's too late for William Barr to redeem himself after selling his soul to the most dangerous president in history. However, it is not too late to save the Justice Department.

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