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Cruz means that the Senate Republicans block Biden's cupboard candidates indefinitely

Regarding team fascism, Senator Ted Cruz Axios suggested that the Senate simply won't approve or even hold hearings from Biden's cabinet in the near future. "As long as there is litigation and the election result is controversial, I don't think you will see the Senate Act to approve a candidate," he told Axios. Given that the well-known delusion Donald Trump will "deny" the election results from now until the day he is put in his mausoleum, we can assume the Senate will refuse to hold confirmation hearings for Biden's candidates to be held until at least January. 20 – which means that Biden will take office without national security, intelligence, justice or pandemic heads. It takes little imagination to assume that corrupt Republicans will cast doubts about election results weeks or months later, meaning that Cruz and allies cannot trivially claim that the controversy is undermining Biden's ability to appoint Senate-approved leaders unlimited.

In earlier transitions, the Senate would begin reviewing candidates before the new president took office. (Axios quotes the Center for the President's Transition, which says that 95% of previous cabinet candidates received pre-inaugural hearings.) This is intended to ensure the stability of the transition, particularly with regard to foreign threats and other national security concerns. This is not a normal transition as it relates to numerous elected Republican officials attempting to commit treason and demanding that the courts reinstate Republicans by force instead of recognizing their defeat. To be honest, Senate Republicans have proven time and time again that national security concerns are negotiable and that public security issues are utterly irrelevant to the protection and expansion of party power.

This is fascism. If anything, Senate Republicans have taken up the nonsensical conspiracy theories of Trump's fabulists as a defense for what they were up to anyway: withholding support for pandemic relief, economic stabilization efforts, and other crisis measures to better portray the Biden government ineffective. It's the game book of the Great Recession, but with 300,000 deaths.

This is usually the point in the conversation where pedants and non-pedants argue about the precise and slang definitions of words like "betrayal" and "turmoil". In the absence of a court to force the Republican Party to act on behalf of their country, the debate is largely irrelevant. Currently, numerous Republican attorneys general are demanding that the Supreme Court annul the election on the basis of transparently fabricated propaganda claims. Republican senators, who have blocked almost every step to provide immediate chemical aid to citizens and who have remained silent as charlatans incited their far-right base into death threats and violence against the movement's recent enemies, agree on willingness to break the notion to affirm that it is The choice of the nation was somehow illegitimate and therefore null and void. They say nothing while their most violent supporters take to the streets over their claims.

They are ready to do a lot more than just handle important government appointments.

Their intention seems to be to create as many crises as possible at once so that the party's most productive liars have better ammunition to attack the party's enemies. Senator Mitch McConnell has specialized in this for many years. If Biden enters the White House without senior national security officials or cabinet members, Republican senators will consider it a victory. If more crises arise during this time, Cruz will celebrate them on television.

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