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China is happy a couple of potential Biden presidency: "We will return to objectivity and rationality"

China's foreign minister Wang Yi appeared to be celebrating the alleged return of former Vice President Joe Biden to the White House by saying the relationship could mark a "return on the right track".

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) representative spoke to the US-China Business Council (USCBC) board about his goal of improving relations with the United States.

This objective would require the removal of the current barriers. For example the tough stance of the Trump administration.

"The most urgent task right now is for both sides to work together to remove all possible obstacles and achieve a smooth transition in China-US relations," said Yi.

"Based on the direction of mutual benefit to our two peoples and countries," he continued, "we must strive to resume dialogue, get back on track and rebuild trust in this next phase of relations."

Biden's NSA election spoke out in favor of “managed coexistence” with China. The CCP mouthpieces have confirmed this with their own phrase "cooperative competition". Some in Biden's inner circle have tried to reset relations with China. Now China's clever Wang Yi is also calling for a reset between the US and China.

– Brahma Chellaney (@Chellaney) December 10, 2020

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Biden's relationship with China was getting really complicated

Yi's comments attempting to "put Biden on the right track" on behalf of the CCP come when the president-elect's son is embroiled in an ongoing investigation into his tax affairs.

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The investigation includes an investigation into the younger Biden's business relations with China, according to the Associated Press.

"It is not clear which companies or business relationships may be involved in the investigation, although the person with knowledge of the matter said that at least part of the focus (sic) was on his previous work in China," they write.

"Federal investigators served a subpoena on Tuesday, including one for Hunter Biden, according to another person familiar with the investigation."

Hunter Biden's association with Chinese nationals associated with the CCP resulted in millions of dollars in cash flow. Http://

– Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) December 10, 2020

Fox News reviewed a recent report by the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee describing "Hunter Biden's previous dealings with Chinese nationals – including some flagged for" potential financial criminal activity. "

"Hunter Biden had business associations with Ye Jianming, Gongwen Dong and other Chinese nationals affiliated with the communist government and the People's Liberation Army," the report said, according to Fox News.

"There is a vast network of corporate ties and financial transactions between and between the Biden family and Chinese nationals." // Everything that was claimed in the fake Russia hoax actually happened, but with the #BidenClan and its China masters.

– James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) December 10, 2020

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It might be the way to go for China, but it won't be for America

A documentary was released in September arguing that Hunter Biden and his business associates had "begun to sign investment deals that serve the strategic interests of the Chinese military."

The film alleged that Joe Biden's son was only able to hold meetings with Chinese officials and ultimately raised $ 1 billion in funding as his father was Vice President and President Barack Obama's "principal on US affairs" at the time. Policy towards China ”was. ”

While Biden was vice president, Hunter was with Air Force Two on a trip to China in 2013, according to an investigation by ABC News.

While in Beijing, he arranged for his Chinese business partner to meet his father.

Ten days after the trip, Jäger's company received approval from the Chinese government of China, which paved the way for more than a billion dollars in business for his company.

Hunter Biden met with a Chinese banker in 2013 during Joe Biden's taxpayer-funded trip to China.

Hunter tried to set up a Chinese private equity fund.

Just 10 days after the trip, the Chinese government issued the fund's business license.

– Trump War Room (@TrumpWarRoom) April 28, 2020

Joe Biden bowed to Beijing for years. He led efforts to make China "Most Favored" status and killing millions of American jobs.

Further Chinese influence in America

The Bidens and Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell are not the only ways in which Chinese influence invades our country.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced Wednesday that the CCP is viewing colleges with anti-American views as simple targets that can be infiltrated to their benefit.

"It is important to speak to the American people about this because Americans need to know how the Chinese Communist Party is poisoning the wells of our higher education institutions for their own ends and how these measures are affecting our freedoms and US national security," said Pompeo warned during a speech at Georgia Tech.

"If we don't educate ourselves, if we're not honest about what is happening, Beijing will teach us."

Is it any wonder Wang Yi believes that things will "get back on track" soon?

The Bidens could control the White House, the Democrats will control the House and possibly the Senate, and the anti-American zealots on the far left will continue to control our campuses.

It's a great time to be Wang Yi and China.

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