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Republicans fought a second civil conflict in court docket that ought to by no means be forgotten

This is not a partisan dispute. There is no going back. Surely it should never be forgotten. There should be no forgiveness either. Republicans started a second civil war in court, and it shouldn't be treated any kinder than anyone started on the battlefield.

The Washington Post has a list of Republicans who, while technically not guilty of treason, are proud to record their names as traitors, as well as a 107th Republican who whined on Twitter that she was removed from the official list due to a "spelling mistake". The names you might expect are there … Andy Biggs, Mo Brooks, Greg Gianforte, Louie Gohmert, Jim Jordan, Blaine Lütkemeyer and Steve Scalise. So a long list of GOP backbench books is so hideous and pathetic that the opportunity to name this shame is the "high point" of their careers.

The instruction does not strike what it requests. As the Secretary of State for Pennsylvania wrote, "Texas is trying to void elections in four states with results it disagrees with. His motion to that court to exercise its original jurisdiction and then award Texas’s preferred presidential candidate anointing is not legally defensible and an affront to principles of constitutional democracy, "wrote Shapiro. "Texas efforts to get this court to elect the next president have no legal or factual basis. The court should not endure this seditious abuse of the legal process and send a clear and unmistakable signal that such abuse will never be repeated may."

For the attorneys general who have signed their names for this apparent effort to overthrow the duly elected government of the United States, the Supreme Court should send a powerful reprimand. It is not clear what penalty the court might impose on applicants … but it should seek the harshest penalty available.

Then any bar association should request the banning of any of those attorneys general from any act of signing up in support of statements they know to be false. This is an illegal, immoral, amoral, and intolerable attempt to break the nation. It should be treated as such.

And then every member of the House of Representatives who named that document should be expelled. So 106 or 107. Republicans could have joined this atrocity. But there are 233 Democratic members and 89 Republicans in no hurry to anoint traitors for Trump. Let the House test your integrity by demanding, in turn, the expulsion of any member who has tried to destroy the most basic institution in the country. And let them begin with Minority Whip Steve Scalise.

It doesn't matter that the Texas suit's text and claims are ridiculous. It doesn't matter that they are sure to fail. In many ways, that only makes things worse. If it were possible to plow the posts of these men below them and salt the earth above them, it should be done. Otherwise, each of them should be absolutely certain that this is a mistake that will ruin their reputation for a lifetime.

The only thing more ridiculous than the Texas lawsuit is the idea that these people could take that action and then move on as if it never happened.

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