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In keeping with officers, "If blood is spilled, it’s within the fingers of the president."

Information associated with the website, such as email addresses and web hosting services, suggests it could be from Russia – or that this could be an attempt to mislead and distract.

"Current information on registration patterns and ownership is indeterminate. Some observables strongly suggest a Russian or Eastern European connection (hosting in Russia and Romania, use of Yandex emails, Slavic names), while others point to a US perspective (registration address in Georgia, US telephone number) ", a security researcher told The Daily Beast. "Further investigation and likely law enforcement actions are needed to obtain more information on the responsible parties."

Another related website had a domain name that was clearly chosen to resemble the post-election Trump campaign.

Hopefully the FBI will take a look, as it is incredibly dangerous to dox to people who have already faced serious threats. Regardless of who set up this particular site, "If blood is spilled, it's in the hands of the president," said the cancer attorney. Because it is Trump who is trying to overthrow the election and vilify anyone who is pushing back.

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