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The proud chief of the boys exhibits up on the White Home after claiming he obtained a "Final Minute Invite".

After Donald Trump's attempted coup dealt a severe blow by the US Supreme Court on Friday, a leader of the Proud Boys appeared at the White House on Saturday.

"The head of the Proud Boys says he is in the White House," said AP reporter Jonathan Lemire in a tweet, sharing a screenshot of a Parler post by Enrique Tarrio, the leader of the Proud Boys.

In the post, Tarrio said he received a "last minute invitation to an unknown location," including a close-up of the White House and the hashtag # Trump2020.

The head of the Proud Boys says he is in the White House

– Jonathan Lemire (@ JonLemire) December 12, 2020

The White House claimed that Tarrio was not present by invitation, but for a "public WH Christmas tour".

I asked the White House if the leader of the Proud Boys was there today. Response from spokesman Judd Deere: “He was on a public WH Christmas tour. He never had a meeting with the President, nor did the WH invite him. "

– Jonathan Swan (@jonathanvswan) December 12, 2020

Of course, this is a White House and a President who spits out lies every day. Everything they say should be taken in a boatload of salt. This is especially true given Trump's refusal to condemn groups like the Proud Boys.

During a presidential debate with Joe Biden in September, Trump urged the white supremacist group to step back and stand by while he refused to condemn them.

With his presidency collapsing before his eyes, many people would not be surprised if Trump actually invited the leader of the Proud Boys to the White House.

The Proud Boys are everything Donald Trump has left

Donald Trump lost the election to Joe Biden last month with millions of votes and a comfortable lead on the electoral college. This defeat has only been confirmed in the recounts and legal proceedings of the past few weeks.

All of this culminated in the Supreme Court's decision on Friday to reject Trump's efforts to undo Biden's victory in a number of battlefield states.

With the electoral college slated to finalize the results on Monday, Trump is likely to see a growing number of Republican lawmakers – finally – recognizing that Biden will be president on January 20, 2021

In other words, the last few weeks of this failed presidency are likely to be very lonely for the outgoing president. Extremist groups like the Proud Boys are all Donald Trump has left to bolster his fragile ego.

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