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DC cops accused of idleness throughout spring for proud boys and white supremacy

"Today I saw proud boys attacking legal watchers, calling cockroaches, and germinating and attacking random people. You can call yourself whatever you want, but they are the new KKK. They are domestic terrorists," said Joshua Potash, protester from Black Lives Matter tweeted early Sunday. He also compared the police's response to the violence to their response to Black Lives Matter protesters and journalists after George Floyd's death. Floyd, a black man, was killed when a white Minneapolis police officer kneeled on his neck for more than eight minutes on May 25. At least eight people were partially blinded on the same day police raged against protesters on May 30th. I've been to BLM marches all summer and autumn, where people are attacked and arrested by police officers just for standing on the street. Tonight in DC dozens of Proud Boys macedated and attacked people and cops didn't do shit, ”Potash said in another tweet.

Victims of violence suffered potentially life-threatening injuries. DC fire spokesman Doug Buchanan told the Washington Post. Police chief Peter Newsham said to the demonstrators: "We are doing our best." He said the post office workers were stationed across the city center to keep Trump supporters and counter-protesters separate, but parts of the crowd appeared to be "conflict-minded". At 9 p.m., 23 people were arrested and one person had an unauthorized taser, police said. A total of two police officers were hospitalized with moderate injuries and six others sustained injuries of unknown severity, the Post reported.

Bree Newsome Bass, a grassroots organizer, asked in a tweet, "Is there a point where all the people who say," I never thought this could happen "listen to the people who have been saying this for years ? "The author Wajahat Ali tweeted:"I can't even imagine hundreds of armed Muslims burning flags, beating people and stabbing people in the streets of the capital without dozens of people being shot by the police. Spring is now for Proud Boys and White Supremacy. "


You already know why the DC cops didn't stop the Proud Boys last night. They know why Nazi-friendly groups are allowed to rule freely in this ragged country. You can now stop pretending that you were shocked.

– Black Brunch Baliff. (@thewayoftheid) December 13, 2020

Journalist David Leavitt tweeted:

"The proud boys are domestic terrorists

The proud boys are domestic terrorists

The proud boys are domestic terrorists

The proud boys are domestic terrorists

The proud boys are domestic terrorists

The proud boys are domestic terrorists

The proud boys are domestic terrorists "

I agree.


I didn't see it, but when I heard from DC Fire officials that two people were stabbed to death in front of Harry's bar. The ambulance is taking them away now. Police cleared the block after chaos broke out in the crowd and police ran into the crowd with OC spray. #DCprotests

– Marissa J. Lang (@Marissa_Jae) December 13, 2020


This is a proud boys rally that threatens our democracy in DC last night.

You would be forgiven if you thought these pictures were from an ISIS rally or a NAZI rally in 1936.

– Julie Pillay (@ Julia3131) December 13, 2020

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