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Newt Gingrich complains that it’s tougher for Republicans to win when it’s simpler for Georgia to vote

Newt Gingrich is upset because Georgia's Republican Foreign Minister is putting out more ballot boxes for voters.

Gingrich tweeted:

Why is Georgian Foreign Minister Raffensperger working so hard adding Dropboxing and taking other steps to make it harder for Republicans to win? Is he really that intimidated by Stacey Abrams?

– Newt Gingrich (@newtgingrich) December 13, 2020

Gingrich tweeted the quiet part that Republicans shouldn't be saying. The former House Speaker admitted that Republicans cannot win if more people vote. So the final game for the GOP is not to appeal to as many voters as possible, but to keep as many voters as possible from voting.

Newt Gingrich is utterly confused because 1.2 million Georgians requested absentee ballots in the Senate runoff, which means Republicans may find themselves in the same situation as they did last month when Biden defeated Trump. The GOP may have to rely on an increase in turnout on early polling / polling day to create a potentially massive democratic post in the election.

Republicans hate big turnout because when voters show up, they lose. Georgia Republicans have been successful in the runoff elections for years because they have always found a way to suppress the Democratic vote and keep the turnout low.

2020 could be very different, and that's why Republicans like Gingrich complain that it's too easy to vote.

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