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Trump threatened Georgia Governor Brian Kemp to attempt to steal the election

In a phone call with Governor Kemp, Trump made several demands and threatened Kemp if he didn't help him steal Georgia.

The Washington Post reported:
However, many people with knowledge of the call said the conversation was openly hostile. Trump effectively threatened the governor, arguing that Kemp would lose re-election if he did not give in to the president's demands.

"It was bad enough for Kemp to say no to all questions," said a Republican strategist. "I don't know if you've ever spoken to Kemp, but he's pretty mushy politically. He never says yes or no to anything. He'll say something cute and funny and push it off, but it's never like a flat" no " . And he said "No". He said "No" to the President – twice. "

Trump tried to harass and try the election, but Kemp is one of the many Republicans who refused to break or ignore the law for Donald Trump. Republican-controlled lawmakers in states like Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania refused to break the law for Trump. Courts at every level of the judicial system refused to ignore the law for Trump.

Donald Trump believed he had the Supreme Court in his back pocket, but they refused to trample on the constitutional separation of powers to keep Trump in office. Brian Kemp should not be commended for abiding by the law and doing the minimum necessary for his job.

If Trump threatened Kemp, he was almost certainly threatening others as he tried to destroy democracy with mere brawl.

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