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Chicago police raid a pretend house and handcuff the black lady bare for 10 minutes

In the video you can hear Young, obviously disturbed and scared, who keeps saying that the officers have the "wrong house". She asks what they are looking for. She is naked and handcuffed and a blanket is placed over her shoulders while no fewer than five men casually roam her modest apartment looking for what they want. Since Young's hands are handcuffed behind her back, she cannot even hold the blanket over her shoulders to hide from this group of armed strangers.

According to CBS 2, Chicago city attorneys attempted to stop the video from being broadcast by filing an urgency motion in federal court on Tuesday. Perhaps Young's requests that fall on dispassionate ears from "How is that legal?" was something the city, which has paid countless millions in taxpayers' money over the years to settle out of court without a video being shown to the public, wanted to hide.

According to CBS 2, the video shows two officers possibly referring to their weak arrest warrant, with one officer telling the other, "It wasn't originally approved or some crap." CPD would not comment on what this overheard conversation was about. It is known that CPD was looking for a 23-year-old suspect and received the wrong address from an informant. They did nothing to verify the address or to clarify how incompetent, abusive and negligent these officers are. The suspect they were looking for was wearing "an electronic monitoring device" at the time and could have been found very easily. Read that again. Think about it.

Keenan Saulter, Young's attorney, told the news that, besides the very evident incompetence of CPD, one cannot forget how painful various things would very likely have been if Young had been a white woman in a more expensive part of town. Young is only allowed to get dressed after about eight minutes, when a policewoman shows up. About 20 minutes later, after a sergeant arrives and speaks with the suspected police officer on camera with the warrant, Young is not handcuffed and the sergeant apologizes for the situation.

The officers then tried to repair her door with a hammer. When that didn't work, they tried to wedge an ironing board between the door.

To be clear, it did so in February 2019. It wasn't until November 2019, after CBS 2 aired a report on the event, that the Chicago Police Department even opened an investigation into what had happened. I don't know how you don't all dismiss in this video.

The Chicago Police Department has one of the worst stories of torture and predatory civil rights violations against the black community. Racism in the police force is systematic and even black Chicago police officers are on the receiving end within their own armed forces. The only good thing about this story is that Young was not physically injured or killed by these officers, as our country's law enforcement systems are not known to consider the welfare of the families or children they injured when they were in their personal sphere invade the Americans.

You can see the CBS news report below. Warning, while Young wanted the public to see the video, it is still a really disturbing video.

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