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The Trump administrator comes again to life and completes one other anti-asylum coverage within the remaining weeks of his energy

The Trump administration had already sent some asylum seekers to Guatemala, claiming that vulnerable families can only apply for protection there. That was a lie, of course: Guatemala itself produces thousands of asylum seekers per year. And yet US officials have advanced this agreement knowing well The They deport vulnerable people, including children, back at risk.

"Earlier this year, the Biden Sanders Task Force, which was organized after the President-elect won the Democratic nomination, recommended an end to the agreements signed with Central American countries," BuzzFeed News reported. "Biden has said he wants to convene the leaders in the region to discuss major structural issues related to migration to the US border." This is the direction we should be going, but instead the outgoing government has actively fought battles that have only made conditions worse for these families.

"It's hard to see the point of this particular piece of theater from both the outgoing Trump administrator and the Bukele administration," tweeted The New Yorker Jonathan Blitzer. "Biden has announced that he will give up these agreements in office. I asked a former DHS officer what the game was. The officer replied, "Chad Wolf just wants to travel?"

That's not a stretch at all – the illegally appointed acting secretary loves his taxpayer sponsored cosplay and travel, with a huge bill to prove it. Now he's added a trip to Central America just days after an unmasked DHS Christmas party. As we mentioned earlier, the outgoing government is deliberately creating a mountain of atrocities and guidelines that the president-elect must clean up, including another asylum rule that is slated to go into effect only nine days before his inauguration.

"If this rule is enacted, countless migrants will be exposed to certain harm or death." National Immigration Justice Center (NIJC) Executive Director Mary Meg McCarthy said in a statement received from Daily Kos. “The asylum regulations enacted by the Trump administration violate our obligations under US and international law. Along with a flood of hostile guidelines and regulations, these rules are the most comprehensive attack on asylum law to date. "

NIJC has asked Biden to reverse policy, which he can do. The same goes for the rest of the outgoing government's immigration and asylum policies. However, it does not stop the human cost of this rule until it does, or the human cost of the Dozens of other rule changes The administration tries to get its way at the last minute.

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