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Capitol Hill is totally horrified lady on Biden's group stated the F-word

As Axios reports, there are widespread concerns because Jen O & # 39; Malley Dillon called Republicans on Capitol Hill … one of the friendlier terms she might have used. When you consider that a quick search found 41 times that Donald Trump was calling people "idiots", it would seem that Republicans have decidedly one-way thin skin. There are also the 246 times in the past few years that Trump has tweeted about someone who is "stupid," including the time he tweeted about the "stupid woman" of Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf spoke. It's unclear if this is worse than when Trump insulted Ted Cruz's wife, which apparently led Cruz to swear his undying affection. Perhaps, like Trump's comments on Access Hollywood, it was all just "locker room talk"

According to the Axios story, some donors from Biden are also concerned. They think Jen O & # 39; Malley Dillon should apologize "to Biden and maybe to the Republicans in Congress" because what she said does not fit the idea of ​​Biden trying to bring the nation together.

Here's the problem with these donors … they're fuckers too.

Yes, Joe Biden intends to run a White House that is not only progressive but positive too, with the intent of showing concern about healing the divide Trump has over the past four years with crowbars of racism, intolerance and more generally Hatred. But ignoring or ignoring this gap will not heal, as the Republicans on Capitol Hill not only stood by but brought buckets of salt for the wound. You cannot avoid a crime by refusing to acknowledge the criminals.

The Republicans that Biden's new deputy chief of staff are those who have supported and assisted Trump in demeaning the press, diminishing the role of medical professionals in times of crisis, and exacerbating both racism and intolerance in the LGBTQ community. Preventing Jen O & # 39; Malley Dillon from phrasing a beautiful, meaty Anglo-Saxon term does not heal a wound, but rather pretends that these people – 126 of whom have just made an explicit attempt to overthrow the government – are not complicit Trump's actions.

Even if those sensitive souls are convinced that America needs a Truth and Reconciliation Committee more than it needs to spend the next four years on an oh-so-satisfying quest to see that everyone who has helped Trump has a tendency toward authoritarianism To smear, get his day in court (and months in jail), truth and reconciliation begin with Truth. Jen O & # 39; Malley Dillon only delivered the truth.

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