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WATCH: Tucker Carlson claims Dr. Jill Biden is "borderline illiterate"

Jill Biden's educational background became a national topic of discussion this week through no fault of her own. In a hackneyed and misogynistic statement published in the Wall Street Journal, a man named Joseph Epstein claimed that the future first lady did not deserve the right to be called a doctor.

Instead of ignoring the widely circulated column, Fox News had chosen to engage in the false controversy. During his Wednesday show, Tucker Carlson did not speak about the COVID-19 pandemic and the destruction it has caused. He was talking about Jill Biden's dissertation.

The Fox host told his viewers that his team was immersed in Biden's college paper. "Dr. Jill needs reading glasses, ”he began. "Either that or she is illiterate. There are typographical errors everywhere, even in the first graphic in the introduction. Dr. Jill cannot write – she also cannot really think clearly. Parts of the dissertation seem to be in a foreign language with English words. "

Tucker Carlson claims Jill Biden is illiterate on the border

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) December 17, 2020

Carlson continued:

“They're essentially nonsense, like pig latin or dog barking. It's just incredibly embarrassing. Not just for poor illiterate Jill Biden, but for the college that considered that crap scholarship. Embarrassing for, indeed our entire higher education system, for the nation itself. Jill Biden's thesis is our national disgrace. Are we exaggerating? Well, you decide! "

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