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Former Black Kansas Metropolis police officer who was run over by the deputy sued, posted as dashcam video

The only good news is that Womack is alive despite saying he sustained serious injuries to his back, pelvis and both legs. Womack is still in jail four months later on "charges of the crime of evading a law enforcement officer by driving recklessly and disturbing a law enforcement officer". He also appears to have recorded a number of wrongdoing charges – including improper signaling and driving without headlights – on his record. Meanwhile, nothing seems to have happened to reprimand Deputy Rodriguez.

Womack's wife Zee is also a policewoman in Kansas – the two of them met over 10 years ago on the force. She told the news that she couldn't believe what her husband was telling her when he said the police had deliberately run him over. She says she kept watching dash cam videos. "I'm a cop, we are for the police, so you always want to believe we're doing the right thing. I just couldn't find any justification based on what I saw."

Zee says her husband told her he was scared. Specifically, after she was run over, Womack said that her husband noticed the other cars pull up behind him, "both black," and that something was wrong. He told his wife that he felt he had to "get somewhere where there are people, cameras, witnesses, lights, something".

Lionel Womack's wife isn't the only cop in the family. His mother is a police officer, his stepfather is a retired Kansas City police sergeant, and his two aunts are police officers.

Attorney Michael Kuckelman filed the case against the deputy on behalf of Womack. He told the AP that the dash cam video is easily the most transparent defense of Womack and also a condemnation of Rodriguez's actions. “It's impossible to see a video of a deputy driving his truck over Mr. Womack without feeling sick. Mr. Womack had nowhere to go. It was an open field and he was trapped, but the deputy drove his truck over him anyway. "

The dash cam comes from a vehicle that is tracking Womack and shows an unarmed man running through a dark field at night. The police in pick-up trucks follow him. Their headlights lit him and he's not going anywhere. The vehicle driven by Rodriquez stops directly behind Womack, turns next to Womack, and then quickly turns and drives the large front wheel over Womack. The office in the vehicle with the switch cam can be heard and shouts "Holy shit!" how this shocking thing takes place.

Kiowa County Sheriff Chris Tedder did not respond to calls from the AP to discuss the lawsuit, which alleged, among other things, that Kuckelman had "written and personally requested Tedder to fire Rodriguez, and the sheriff declined." Rodriguez remains on patrol. Kuckelman also wants Rodriguez to be prosecuted and has accused the sheriff of covering up the MP's behavior. "

The dash cam video was first released on Thursday. Womack's attorney said his client remained in jail on an Oklahoma arrest warrant. According to Oklahoma records, Womack sped through their territory a few days before the incident, but was able to "evade" them.

Lionel told the AP that he believed that most police officers are good people. "But we have to hold law enforcement to account when they cross the line. "

Warning: The video is short, disturbing, and very graphic.

The longer AP story.

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