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Performing Secretary of Protection Chris Miller interrupted the Biden Transition Briefings

Acting Secretary of Defense Chris MIller has ordered the Pentagon to stop the transition meetings of President-elect Joe Biden. A senior Biden transition officer was unaware of the move.

Meetings between the Pentagon and members of Biden's transition team have continued since President Donald Trump allowed the transition after weeks of delay, but Miller late that night ordered officials to cancel the remaining meetings that were still on the agenda.

A senior Defense Department official said the move amounts to " "A simple delay in the last scheduled meetings until after the new year."

The officer said: "We had less than two dozen meetings remaining today and next week. The DoD staff working on the meetings were overwhelmed with the number of meetings." They added that “The same high-level executives had their day-to-day tasks to do and were consumed with transition activities. … We kneel for two weeks during the holidays. We remain committed to a productive transition. "

It is unclear whether President Trump, who continued to claim the 2020 election was fraudulent despite approving the transition and confirming Biden's Electoral College victory earlier this week, approved Miller's policy.

Miller was appointed on November 9 after Trump fired former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper. According to a report last month, including his announcement that the United States would reduce its presence, he has used his position to make policy changes that affect the special operations community by January 15 to 2,500 soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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