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Black activists reward Trump's financial insurance policies, claiming he was much better than Obama

Black activists from Project 21, a Black Leadership Network, have praised President Trump's economic policies that have created jobs for their community and labeled the results as the opposite of what happened under President Obama.

Cooper: News "Just keeps getting better" for black Americans

Project 21 praised President Trump's policies in a press release Thursday, claiming the policy "brought back jobs – especially in black communities – after businesses were destroyed by COVID-19 lockdowns earlier this year."

Horace Cooper, the chairman of Project 21, said the news about the economy "just keeps getting better".

“President Trump's market policy has brought the unemployment rate down to the fastest level in history! The unemployment rate, which has fallen from almost 15% to below 7% in less than a year, is staggering. "

Given the recent #employment numbers, black activists with Project 21 applauded the Trump administration "for policies that have brought #jobs back, especially in black communities after businesses were devastated by #COVID lockdowns." @ChapmanCNSNewshttps: // ebD3PqTrGI

– Project 21 (@ Project21News) December 17, 2020

Cooper noted that President Trump's economic success far surpassed President Obama's.

The unemployment rate is now lower than it was in his first term, and black Americans are leading those gains in "the complete opposite of the Obama years experience."

"Unemployment continues to fall the fastest for those most in need of work right now – black Americans, Hispanics and other minorities," said Donna Jackson, a member of Project 21.

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"These positive employment numbers are another example of the Trump administration's commitment to the black community."

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A big difference from what liberals say happens

The positive experiences of local black Americans in their daily lives, enhanced by President Trump's steady hand and his economic policies in the free market, are in sharp contrast to the claims of liberals that are happening to the black community.

You have CNN hosts like Jake Tapper as an example who attack President Trump as a racist.

Ironically, in such a case, ex-Obama aide and real communist Van Jones needed to improve Trump's defense and record against the black community.

"I think it's really unfortunate because Donald Trump and I get beaten up by liberals every time I say it, but I keep saying it, he's done good things for the black community," Jones said in October Tapper.

"Opportunity Zone stuff, Black College stuff, I've worked with him on criminal stuff, I've seen Donald Trump hug and treat African Americans officially imprisoned in the White House," he continued.

Van Jones: President @realDonaldTrump "did a good job on Criminal Justice, Opportunity Zones and Black Colleges"

– RNC Research (@RNCResearch) October 23, 2020

And then you have white liberals who act as goalkeepers for black Americans.

Jason Whitlock, the conservative sports commentator, said white liberals "impose spiritual slavery" on black Americans.

"If you don't hold to a liberal position on all issues, you will be expelled from the black race," said Whitlock.

"You don't have the freedom. Every other group in this country has the right, the freedom, (to say) I want to be conservative, I want to be liberal, I want to be libertarian … everyone else can do that, except us."

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

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