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Jim Acosta accuses Trump of chasing after the "feverish dream" that he can upset the election outcomes

CNN's White House chief correspondent Jim Acosta went on his own network on Friday to accuse President Donald Trump of "chasing" a feverish dream that he could turn the results of last month's election upside down.

Acosta attacks Trump

"When you think about the crisis this country is facing right now, the public health, the economy, the huge cyberattack, the President speaks about it in a meaningful and substantial way," CNN host John Berman told him. "Why is he fighting for a job that he doesn't seem to want to do?"

“I spoke to a Trump adviser earlier this week who said the president was not whining and not working. I think the essence sums it up, ”Acosta replied. "It's extraordinary because not only do we have this raging pandemic with thousands of lives lost every day, but we also have this cyberattack, this Russian cyberattack on the US government that the President is silent about tonight."

"We have had several days in a row when the president is not in front of the camera talking to reporters," added the CNN reporter. “He would have had several options if he wanted them not only to speak out about the pandemic and encourage people to get out there and get vaccinated, but also to warn Vladimir Putin to stay out of this federal government. He just chose not to do this. "

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Acosta doubles

Acosta didn't stop there and doubled in size, showing that its Trump Disorder Syndrome is still stronger than ever.

"It's alarming," he said. “You and I talked about it this week. This is a president who has checked out. He doesn't seem to want to do the job anymore. He likes the fancy house behind me with the wreaths that adorn the outside and so on, but he doesn't want to do the work. There is much to do. It is extraordinary. "

"You'd think if he was considering running in 2024 that he'd want to go out there and prosecute the coronavirus pandemic, the charges against Vladimir Putin in that cybersecurity hack," added Acosta. "He doesn't. I suspect John because he's caught up in grief with this election and is chasing this feverish dream that somehow he can still upset the election results if it just doesn't happen."

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Given that Acosta has built a career entirely based on hitting Trump with attacks below the belt, he should really hope that the president will overturn the election more than anyone. Once Trump is gone, Acosta will no longer be relevant and his "career" in journalism (if you can even call it that) will effectively be over.

This piece was written by James Samson on December 20th, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used with permission.

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