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Whereas Trump's workers work to sabotage a Biden presidency, Trump himself desires to go additional

Trump continues to surround himself with those willing to embrace conspiracies and set aside criminal activity – and continues to raise even more radical figures when people around him don't adequately support his latest plans.

The Washington Post has yet another look at how Donald Trump and his loyalists spend their final days at the levers of power. Not everything, of course, because there is just too much, but the highlights.

To be honest, it's hard to believe Donald took the time to do this. He has been uniquely obsessed with delusional claims that the November elections were rigged against him, with millions and millions of devious false votes for being a vicious narcissist whose failure causes him to turn into a muddy puddle -believe . He and his top staff are running a full-scale campaign to overthrow an election that is literally based on propaganda lies. He and she spit their oath of office as a full-time job.

Instead of Mike Pence and the rest of Trump's top staff stuffing him in a sack and formally announcing that the "President" has unfortunately become so unstable that he can no longer perform his duties, it is a gathering of fascist-minded Republicans in the House America's violent underbelly paramilitary froths are taking Trump's delusions as a signal that their own genocide plans are about to materialize, and the press still describes all the details with a detached, neutral expression that recognizes both Trump's actions as unprecedented and tries to identify them as (1) downplaying the passed out crushes of a man who is too sad right now; or (2) not too different from the unworthy leggings between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.

Here's the deal: the United States Presidency is currently held by a leaky trash bag. The bag is also a megalomaniac psychopath. The trashbag is currently thinking with its advisors about how the military can enter the swing states Trump, which was lost in November, confiscate the voting machines and force citizens to vote in new elections that are held according to the rules that Trump's federal forces can enforce ? This is likely not the case, largely because even the staff who zealously supported him in a previous extortion program aimed at forcing a foreign power to collaborate on a program to falsely incriminate his opponent still has concerns have to participate in crimes that are technically punished with a firing squad. But Trump is still wondering how he can not only declare the elections in the US illegal and invalid (he is already doing this every day), but also enforce his claims with federal violence.

On track two and in the face of the loophole, Trump's rallying of conservative party-line Republicans, anti-democratic activists who have worked for decades to portray all challenges to republican rule as inherently illegitimate, are rushing to sabotage the nation's government by installing like-minded loyalists in positions in which they cannot be easily displaced, zealously and gleefully deploying conspiracy theories downstairs to reinforce their own previous claims of non-republican illegitimacy and to advance last-minute actions intended to affect Biden's ability to govern in the first place.

Even if, as in the Republican effort to prevent the Federal Reserve from providing emergency chemical aid the moment Joe Biden took office, it leads to death.

These are not policy spats. These are organized efforts to delegitimize democratic elections and sabotage the economy in order to delegitimize non-Republican leaders. Trump's status as an emotionally unstable fool is not a happy accident that makes the rest a little less dangerous, but a deliberate choice by a Republican electorate who called for a clown as a cult leader, the latest in a long-running rebellion against government know-how -all and book learners who have pushed a whole new group of conspiracy clowns, crooks, and downright saboteurs into Congress.

The media, which is capitalized, always seems to be surprised when Trump and his top advisors take new steps that despise law and democracy even more than the last. When the Republicans neutralized the impeachment charge, it was evident that the White House would take this as confirmation and redouble its efforts. It was evident, as the White House purged more and more "disloyal" government guards, that the intent was to remove institutional opposition to what were once shocking things. Throughout the summer, it was apparent that the White House found it more convenient to use propaganda claims and excitement to downplay the severity of a nationwide pandemic than to take concrete steps to save lives. Trump's pre-selection rallies from the pandemic era indicated that if he lost little, he intended to question the election. Within days of the election, it was clear that he now intended to question the results even after a major defeat.

He will propose even more shocking things, and the media will pretend to be surprised. His allies in the White House and Republican Party will embrace these things, or at least shut up while they wait to see if his latest scornful acts happen to bear fruit.

Trump revised Syrian politics as a favor for an oligarch he had long courted as a potential real estate partner. Trump hired his "lawyer" to produce evidence incriminating his rival who commissioned the organized crime of the Russian allies. Trump has used both the Justice Department and his own pardon powers to immunize his allies from the consequences of crimes committed for his own benefit or that advance his own agenda.

I am not saying that we should withhold looking back at all of the vicious methods that Trump's White House and his Republican allies are trying to sabotage the government, rather than handing them over to an intact rival. It's good. But there is still a month left, and Trump continues to adjust his staff to include those willing to support even more radical plans as they dump the objectors. This is considerably more dangerous than it is portrayed. Still.

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