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President Trump says you may thank him for bringing again Merry Christmas

Evangelical leader Rev. Franklin Graham recently made a list of all the things he was grateful for to President Donald Trump for over the past four years, including returning "Merry Christmas".

Graham wrote on Facebook: "I am grateful that the President stood against the secularists who wanted to get Christ out of Christmas and that he gave the greeting," Merry Christmas! "Brought back.

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Trump said he helped keep Christmas in Christmas

During the holiday season last year, President Trump told the conservative student group Turning Point USA that he had helped preserve and further popularize "Christmas" with the public.

“Do you remember trying to get Christmas out of Christmas?” Trump asked the students. "Do you remember? They didn't mean to have you say" Merry Christmas ".

PRESIDENT Trump and our beautiful First Lady wish everyone a Merry Christmas.https: //

– Maris DeSoto (@MarisDesoto) December 13, 2020

Trump: "They will say Merry Christmas again"

Trump said during his 2016 presidential campaign: "They will say Merry Christmas again." And now he said, "You are."

The president continued, "That’s the least. Because we have a lot of things that they do that they don't."

– PoliticsVideo23 (@ politikvideo23) December 23, 2019

Did Trump Help Bring Back Merry Christmas? Was it ever really over?

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While there is no discernible way to measure the frequency with which "Merry Christmas" was used by the public before and after Trump's election, we know that he was not shy about using the term.

Trump isn't the only modern president not afraid to use “Merry Christmas”, and the left-wing media has found that there is no real war on Christmas, as some conservatives claim.

The WHO now advises against hugging over the holidays.

As we said last week, you will soon run out of words to say Merry Christmas.

– Rep. Jim Jordan (@Jim_Jordan) December 8, 2020

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Merry Christmas!

However, in recent years there has been debate about whether or not it is politically correct to say "Merry Christmas".

President Trump just says, "Merry Christmas" … like it or not! "

We like it. Merry Christmas everyone!

Trump wants to wish us a Merry Christmas with all his heart. 🎄🎅😂

– Paty (@pat_laffreuse) December 13, 2020

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