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Owls Tuesday evening: Senators Warren, Wyden and Merkley urge Biden to padlock the revolving door.

According to lawmakers, the "best way" to improve outcomes for the people of the United States is to keep special interests from benefiting from the public service of government officials and to open the revolving door between business, special interests, and our government lock. ""

To this end, the trio insisted on "putting an outright ban on lobbyists employed by corporations to serve in government, particularly the executive agencies they advocate". (…)


A historic surge in gun violence exacerbates 2020 trauma, by Champe Barton, Brian Frescoes, and Daniel Nass. Murders rose 50 percent or more in over a dozen cities that year. "It is very likely that these increases are greater than any previous one," said one criminologist.

"Basically Cyberbullying": How cops abuse social media to publicly humiliate them, by Hope Corrigan. Law enforcement agencies create content online, often at the expense of the people who arrested it.

Trump has reached the bunker phase "railing against Mike Pence", by Jonathan Chait. In the true final stages From the Trump presidency we finally have evidence of real change. Trump's mental decline may not really accelerate, but he is turning sharply and unmistakably against his followers.



"The virus that we're talking about to be done, a lot of people think it goes away in April, with the heat coming in when the heat comes in that normally goes away in April." ~~ Donald J. TrumpFebruary 10, 2020.



Tonight, as Donald Trump apologizes to Blackwater contractors convicted of the murder of Iraqi civilians in Nisour Square, Iraq, it's worth my rather intensive exchange with Blackwater founder Erik Prince on the matter in 2019 on @AJHeadtoHead: pic .twitter (again) to follow. com / 7f4unXn1zz

– Mehdi Hasan (@mehdirhasan) December 23, 2020


At Daily Kos that day in 2002– In Sen. Murray's defense::

Boy, stung by a real scandal, is the GOP now try to make one on the democratic side.

So here is the deal:

Senator Patty Murray wanted to be provocative when she told a group of high school students that terrorist leader Osama bin Laden is popular in poor countries for helping pay for schools, streets and even daycare.

"We didn't do that," said Murray. "How would they look at us today if we'd helped them instead of just being the people who will bomb in Iraq and go to Afghanistan?"

I have it? She said the US would be more popular overseas if we built schools instead of building bombs. Osama builds schools (which he also does). Hence, Osama is more popular.

That's rude? Drudge and all of the Mighty Wullitzer's Jokers make Murray something of a hostile sympathizer. Better yet, ask her to step back. This also as well-known segregationists Lott and Ashcroft remain in the public service

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