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Geraldo on Trump's stimulus sabotage: "What the hell ought to we do now?"

Donald Trump is on his way out of the White House and looks like a loser. The President would very much prefer to leave office in large measure. Time and again, he tried to pay tribute to the COVID-19 vaccines. It didn't work out for him.

So on Tuesday evening Trump tried again to make himself popular with the American people. The president tore open a bill that Democrats and Republicans have called disgrace. Trump argued that the $ 600 stimulus check was not enough, arguing that it should be $ 2,000.

Not only did Trump's argument play straight into the hands of the Democrats, it also left many questions unanswered as to when there would be relief for Americans.

During an appearance on Wednesday on Fox & # 39; The Five, Geraldo Rivera wondered what the plan would be.

"Everyone was focused on Congress and all the pork spending and the obvious listing of ridiculous things … What about the president? He threatens a veto. He's been on Christmas vacation. What the hell are we going to do now? The president Said it wasn't good. What about the defense permit part? What about the pay of the military? What if all these funds run out the day after Christmas or something? We needed a tour here … Er is the leader of the free world. Give us some guidance. What should you do now? He's going to Mar-a-Lago. Will Nancy Pelosi meet with Mitch McConnell? Will they get together and get a plan? What will the Americans do "We're drifting now."

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