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The Republicans of the home pile on the silly, dishonest a part of Trump's tantrum

Kevin McCarthy, who stands by his husband until the bitter, terrible, fatal end.

Georgia Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler paved the way for stupid, dishonest Republicans on Wednesday as she tried to deflect the question of whether or not she backed Donald Trump's calls for $ 2,000 American survival checks. Loeffler did the stupid part, the "wasteful spending". There Trump argued that the foreign aid that was included in the project's spending – the foreign aid that was included in the Trump budget, approved by the Senate Republican Foreign Operations Committee and approved by Congress Republicans this week – was bad. Money that Trump asked for.

Now we have the dumbest Republican in the lead, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (the guy who thinks Putin is paying Trump), who takes this as his excuse to oppose the $ 2,000 survival check. "Democrats seem to suffer from selective listening, ”he tweeted. “You conveniently ignored it @ realDonaldTrumps call to re-examine tax dollars wasted overseas while so many Americans struggle at home. “Again, foreign spending in the Omnibus Budget Act, which the Trump administration itself proposed and approved by the GOP-controlled Senate Committee.

Meanwhile, the guy whose water he carries is the guy who effectively poured gasoline on the entire government and then threw a burning match at it on the way to the door, playing golf in Florida. Trump not only threatened to shut down the government, stop aid to coronavirus and throw millions of unemployed people and hundreds of thousands out of their homes, but he also vetoed the Defense Approval Act. For the first time in 60 years. Out of the blue that it touches the names of Confederate traitors from military bases. All of this means that the last week of 2020 will be the worst week of 2020. Because the Republicans let Donald Trump get away with anything he wants while he still can. No matter what the consequences.

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